Chapter 8.5Mature

There was something about Zeke that didn’t quite fit in the scene, something missing. Beth looked at him for a few moments before realising; he didn’t have any weapons on him. The little dagger that Caelan had taken off him was the only thing he had, so it seemed. She frowned. There were no holsters strapped to his long legs, nothing at his waist, no shoulder straps holding guns against his ribs—nothing. But no one else was batting an eyelid about it.

“Are we going then?” Liam asked.

Onyx nodded. “Let’s go. Storm, will you stay here?”

“I never intended on going with you; what you do on your call-outs is none of my business.”

Onyx nodded in thanks. “Come on then.”

“Wait, Beth’s coming with us?” Caelan asked, seemingly legitimately panicked.

“She is,” Onyx confirmed.

“But, she can’t, she’ll get hurt!”

“Caelan, calm down. Don’t doubt her abilities until you’ve seen them,” Zeke’s soothing voice said.

He looked at Zeke and immediately relaxed, on the surface anyway.

“Now let’s go; we’re being waited for,” Onyx said, beginning to get impatient. As everyone started disappearing, Zeke reached out a hand to her and she smiled, taking it.

“Thanks for that, by the way,” she said to him before he could whisk them away.

He shook his head. “I understand the feeling of being underestimated every time someone looks at you. Just because you’re female doesn’t mean you are incapable of fighting, or defending yourself. Sexism is the one thing that I really can’t stand.”

“Why?” she asked.

He looked at her silently. “Because it was men trying to defend her that got my mother killed.”

Then he disappeared, taking her with him. The next scene she saw was a warehouse in front of them, yellow police tape around it. There were no police though. No, wait; there were two waiting by the door to the warehouse.

Zeke strode over first, his legs carrying him ahead of the others. After walking a few metres towards the building, everyone but Zeke stopped, hanging back. Beth didn’t question it, especially as she saw the cautious and wary looks on all of their faces.

Zeke grinned at the two police officers, shaking their hands in turn. They spoke a little before Zeke seemed satisfied with... something. He gestured the rest of them over.

As they neared, Elijah handed her a small, light gun with a magazine already in it. Into her other hand he pressed a grey steel dagger that had his name engraved into it beautifully.

“Thank you,” she whispered to him.

He nodded and gave her a smile.

The two officers were men, one considerably taller than the other. One was in uniform while the other wasn’t but the dark made it difficult to distinguish any other features.

The End

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