Chapter 8.3Mature

“Be nice to her, Sam,” Storm chided with a grin.

“I was being nice,” he said, pouting a little, making the chain attaching his ear and lip sway.

Beth smiled.

“So what brought you here?” Sam asked Storm.

The smile immediately dropped from Storm’s face and he shook his head, sighing slightly. Sam nodded, understanding that he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Are you staying with the Brotherhood?” Sam asked.

“Just visiting, though I’m sure Zeke will find something to make me stay.”

A smile appeared on Sam’s lips at the mention of Zeke. “How is he? Still with Caelan?”

“Of course he is,” Storm laughed gently. “Did you ever see them separating?”

“No, but I know the reason for that and you don’t.”

“I have my suspicions.”

Sam stretched and laid back on the grass, putting arms behind his head, his t-shirt riding up and revealing a strip of perfect skin above his jeans.

“It’s a good job, really,” he said quietly.

“What is?” Beth asked.

“Kade still feels the same?” Storm asked.

Sam sighed. “Kade’s an angel. Well, he was. Feelings don’t just disappear for us. It’s why we don’t tangle with mortals. Even those of you who class yourselves as immortal.” At this point he gave Storm a pointed look. “You don’t have an everlasting soul the way we do.”

“This Kade guy has feelings for Zeke?” Beth asked, anger flaring briefly inside her.

“They were in the Covenant together.” An unknown emotion flashed over his face.

“Don’t look like that, Sam,” Storm said sharply.

“I know what you’re going to say, Shem, so don’t bother.”

Storm flinched and Beth frowned. What had Sam called him? She didn’t have any time to ask as Sam stood.

“It was good to see you, Storm but I should be going. I left Harve fighting with Az. Gods know what they’ve done to each other by now.”

She noticed that his gunmetal grey eyes were now cold and calculating, all laughter gone from them. If she looked past the piercings and the ripped denim jeans, this was how she’d been told angels would look in one of her early Religious Studies lessons; in the Bible, angels were sent when God needed someone killed, not just to deliver happy news to the Virgin. They may have been Grace incarnate but they lived with one wing soaked in blood.

The End

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