Chapter 7.4Mature

She began to walk towards her house, Storm at her side. She felt his anger stirring again, as he was reminded of his reason for coming here.

“Beth!” she heard her mother shout, running out of the house. She froze where she was on the back porch when she saw Storm. “You,” she whispered.

Beth cast a sideways glance at him. His eyes were cold and the planes of his face hard. The smile he gave her mother was ominous and menacing.

“Mrs. Stuart,” Storm greeted her with mock politeness. 

“Beth, get away from him. He’s dangerous.”

In response, Beth stepped closer to Storm.

“He’s dangerous, Beth,” she pleaded.

“He wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I entrusted you with a child, Shadow. I did not give her to you. And she had always been free to make her own choices,” Storm said to her.

 “Has she really? Your influence has ever been over her decisions. You can’t deny that.”

“I do not. But I have never told her what she had to do.”

“You’re not her father! And Amylia still wants the two of you wed, doesn’t she? Because Beth’s brother rules in the north but the eastern lands were lost and you are the only one that remains.”

Beth stared at Storm in shock. Wed? The two of them were supposed to be married?

If Storm had been angry before, he was positively raging now.

“Amylia knows nothing of the situation,” he spat out. “And neither do you. You are a vampire hunter by both profession and blood. Your kind has nothing to do with the ways of the Forest.”

“What do you want here? You already have your darling Bethalin back, what more could you want from us?”

Storm’s features seemed to be shadowed by a certain type of fury Beth couldn’t remember seeing before.

“Storm, leave it,” Beth said, placing her hand in his.

“Beth, what happened to your arm?” her ‘mother’ demanded.

“I live and train with vampires now,” she said and even she could hear the venom in her voice. “Storm, let’s go. Please.”

He didn’t seem to hear her.

“Storm,” she whispered, moving her hand from his to his chest. Then he looked at her. “Come on,” she implored him.

His head bowed slightly in deference to her. “Let us go,” he whispered.

She put her hand in his again. “Don’t expect to see me again, Mother,” she said sharply.

“This will always be a home to you, Beth.”

“No, it won’t.”

With that, Storm took them away. But when Beth opened her eyes, they were not in the Brotherhood safe house. They were on top of a hill that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Beth looked around, able to see for miles.

The End

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