Chapter 7.1Mature

Storm stood up, the slits in his shirt opening to reveal his back. His hands were curled into fists, as if he was ready to hit something.

“Where are you going?” Beth asked, watching him carefully.

“To accost the people I trusted with your safety and wellbeing,” he said, his voice cold and measured.

“About the abortion thing? No, don’t,” she said quickly, standing and striding over to him hurriedly.

“‘Don’t’?” he demanded, spinning around to face her, startling her. His eyes burnt like fire, making her take a step back. “Life is sacred, Beth. It shouldn’t be snubbed out as if it’s worth nothing.”

“Why are you so angry about this?” she asked quietly, fighting the urge to cower from him.

“Because there are those who don’t have the ability to create new life like that,” he replied sharply before turning on his heel and walking out of the infirmary.

After a few moments of staring at his back in shock, she rushed after him. Zeke was in the lab as she passed through it. He pointed in the direction of the door silently. He appeared to have heard the last part of their conversation.

Beth ran out of the lab and was in the corridor just in time to see Storm heading for the living room. He seemed to know where he was going; he must be familiar with the place.

She sprinted to catch the door with her good arm.

“Storm!” Isabella exclaimed, a cheerful grin on her face from where she sat on the sofa. She jumped up and moved to hug him but hesitated when she saw the state he was in and the expression on his face.

He did manage a small smile for her. He kissed her cheek and squeezed her hand. “Not right now, Ib,” he said quietly to her.

A small piece of understanding flowed between them and she nodded. “I do hope you change your shirt before you take the liberty of assaulting whoever’s been stupid enough to get in your line of fire though.”

A genuine smile appeared on his face. “Where I was heading.”

“Good.” She embraced him briefly, kissing his nose.

“I do wish you would stop doing that,” he scowled at her, referring to the kiss on his nose.

She laughed. “No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I really do.”

Isabella went back to sitting with Jay, his arm around her waist. Storm raised an eyebrow at her and a silent exchange passed between them. Ibby ducked her head, seemingly in embarrassment.

Storm continued his original path, heading for the bedrooms. Beth followed him still. They ran into no one else as he made a beeline for the door at the very end of the corridor. He opened the door and went in. He appeared to have calmed down a little after talking to Ibby, but no less determined to follow through with his purpose.

She hesitated before following him in.

The End

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