Chapter 6.7Mature

“And you know me, how?” she asked. There was something about him that made him easy to argue with, and it felt kind of natural.

He looked at her silently for a few moments. She waited for an answer.

“I was your guardian when you were young. When your father died.”

She stared at him. “What... What about my mother?”

“She’s been mentally infirm for a very long time,” he said.

“How old...?”

“How old were you? You were two when you came to me.”

“But why you?”

He looked away from her for a moment. “Because they wanted you to be my successor. I looked after you until you were six, when I had to give you to mortal parents.”

“Why did you have to?”

“They accused me of getting too attached to you. They gave me a month to find you appropriate parents on Earth. I tried to explain to them that it would be easier for you to stay with your own kind but they wouldn’t listen to me.”

“What did you tell my parents? I mean the people you gave me to, the ones I’ve grown up with.”

“I told them that they couldn’t tell you anything about the world of witches and hunters, because you weren’t from either dynasty. I told them that they had to make sure you knew enough to defend yourself but that they weren’t to train you in either magic or vampire hunting. I told them that as soon as you started to show signs of magic they were to contact me. They never did.”

“It’s only recently that I’ve been able to do magic. Lucius taught me a bit of telepathy about two months ago, and that was the first thing I’d ever experienced.”

“No it wasn’t,” he shook his head. “I kept an eye on you whenever I had leave from Evil. Do you remember when you were eleven, it was your first week in secondary school and that girl was bullying you?”

She met his eyes, remembering it vividly. “Yes.”

“You electrocuted her. That was why she never bothered you again. I was quite proud if I’m honest.”

“Why ‘proud’?”

He opened his left hand so his palm was facing the ceiling. Blue electricity crackled and sparked over his skin.

“It was something I taught you,” he said, a small smile on his lips.

He closed his hand in a fist and the crackling stopped.

“I... I remember a little bit. The feathers on your necklace, I gave them to you.”

The End

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