Chapter 6.6Mature

“That doesn’t sound good. How long has he had it?” Storm asked, referring to Caelan.

“Three days, maybe four.” Zeke picked up the needle and paused. “You know what I’m going to ask.”

“No, I don’t want any anaesthetic,” Storm replied easily, as if he felt no pain.

“Right, here we go.”

Zeke slowly removed the cloth from Storm’s shoulder, dropping it into the bowl. He pushed the needle through one edge of the torn skin, linking it up with the other one, pulling them together.

Beth almost cringed at the sight of it.

Zeke made a knot that stopped the thread from slipping out of the first loop. Then he moved quickly and efficiently to sew the rest of it back together. Sixteen stitches later, this side was finished.

“How long’s this been bleeding?” Zeke asked.

“About two days.”

“You’re lucky you can control your heart rate; you’d have already bled out by now. Where exactly were you in the north?”

“In the rainforest for a little while, before we went to Pitamóra, then we travelled west.”

Zeke made a noise like he was deep in thought. “I’m going to pack this with pharum to stop any infection.”

Storm simply nodded as Zeke stood, walking over to a large cupboard. Storm turned back around and Zeke returned with a jar filled with what looked like moss. He sat down again, placing the jar on the bed.

“Hand off,” he said, picking up the cloth again, the water now red.

Storm did as he was told as sat patiently while Zeke cleaned as much of the blood as he could. Once the skin was clean, Zeke began to carefully stuff the moss into the wound, pushing it right back to the back. Storm only flinched once but his facial expression didn’t change, remaining blank.

Once Zeke had sewn the wound shut, he said, “Done.”

“Thank you.”

Zeke nodded in response and got up to put everything back. He placed the needle in a box and placed it apart from everything else.

“What happened to you?” Storm asked as he pulled his destroyed and dirty shirt back on.

“I got distracted while I was training with Elijah. And don’t call me stupid.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “I wasn’t planning to. I was actually going to congratulate you on only getting your arm broken. Well done.”

“Don’t patronise me. You know, you never explained half of what you said to me in that dream.”

“What dream?” he asked, frowning. “Oh, that. What did you want explaining?”

“The reason you were asking about Daniel and Lucius not knowing I was pregnant and—”

“I’d like to point out that you sidetracked me on that.”

She ignored him and carried on as if he hadn’t spoken. “And about how you know me.”

“I was asking about the possibility of your pregnancy because I know someone who would know if you wanted to find out.”

Beth didn’t miss the fact that he brushed over the second part.

The End

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