Chapter 6.1Mature

It had been just over a week since everything had happened. Things had fallen into a routine that Beth quite liked: get up, eat, train with Elijah, have a shower, have lunch, do some magic training with Lucius, and then hang out with Caelan and Zeke before dinner, maybe even watch a film with everyone.

She’d got to know everyone a lot better, and the only person she had yet to come to like was Kalila, the grumpy fourteen year old.

She hadn’t seen Onyx much. Apparently not many people had.

The other day Caelan had told her about the argument the two of them had had the morning of her nightmare about Zeke (she still shuddered, just thinking about it – but she believed Zeke when he said that it was in the past). Onyx seemed to be staying out of his way for the moment, which Caelan much appreciated.

Ellie hadn’t asked again about Aaralyn, which Beth much appreciated.

Beth had gone out to meet Emily in town the other day and Caelan had made sure that she had her phone with her, and practically demanded that she ring him once she was safely with Emily and when she was starting home.

In a way, it was nice; Beth had always wanted a protective older brother and she kind of had one in him. Of course, it was also slightly irritating, even more so at the time. She’d looked to Zeke for help but he’d simply smiled and mouthed: “See what I have to deal with?” but he’d obviously meant it as a joke.

Everyone had been really accepting of the two of them, which was nice. It wasn’t often anybody meant anything but they were nearly always referred to in the collective and everyone respected their privacy and... stuff. Beth was happy for them.

Zeke had filled her in a little bit about his years in the Covenant, but only because she’d asked and nobody else was around. It was interesting to hear about, but difficult at times when he told her about something bad, like a massacre or an attack on civilians.

“Things aren’t as extreme as they used to be,” Zeke had told her. “It was a long time ago that I was a part of it but I believed in what I was doing so I had no qualms in it. Now it’s mainly protests against the aristocracy. I know that we had to rescue a member of the gentry from being held for ransom.”

“But it’s the same person who leads it, right?” Beth had asked him, frowning from her seat on the worktop of the kitchen as he’d prepared a sandwich for Caelan who had been in bed because he wasn’t well.

“As far as I know, yeah. Maverick was always one for free will though; it was rare that he’d tell you how he wanted a job done.”

“Do you still talk to any of them?”

He’d shaken his head as he’d opened the fridge. “It was one of the clauses in joining the Brotherhood; I had to cut off all ties to anyone.”

The End

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