Chapter 5.5Mature

Thankfully, the microwave began to beep to tell him the time was over. He practically wrenched the small door open, grabbed the tub, the forks and stormed out.

When he reached Zeke’s room again, he opened the door and walked in, but Zeke wasn’t in bed anymore.

He could hear the shower running in the en suite and all of his anger dissipated until he was entirely filled with worry; Zeke had wanted sex when he was leaving and he usually wouldn’t go anywhere until he got what he was promised.

Caelan placed the tub and forks on his bedside table before going over to the bathroom door. He knocked gently.

“Zeke?” There was no answer. He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Zeke?”

When there was no answer the second time, he went in. Zeke was sat on the floor of the bathroom under the walk-in shower, his head in his hands as he rocked back and forward. Caelan rushed over to him, not caring that his trousers were getting completely soaked; Zeke had at least thought ahead and left his clothes in a pile in the middle of the room.

Caelan turned the shower off and sat beside Zeke.

No,” Zeke groaned, clutching his head even tighter. Clearly he’d been using the noise of the shower to drown out whatever was in his head. “Make it stop, make it stop,” he begged over and over again.

Caelan didn’t have a clue what was going on so did all he could do; he pulled Zeke into his arms, practically cradling him.

“Shush, its okay,” he whispered. “What’s wrong?” When Zeke didn’t respond, he asked again.

“They won’t stop, they won’t leave me alone. They just keep talking.” He kept babbling, eventually lapsing into Swahili, which Caelan had only ever heard a few times. “Upendo wangu, kuwafanya kuacha,” he repeated again and again.

Caelan’s heart began to race as he increasingly felt lost so he just clung to Zeke’s trembling, mumbling figure until he began to stop.

“Caelan?” Zeke asked suddenly, looking up, sounding very confused and more like his normal self. “What are we doing in the bathroom?”

“You don’t remember?” Caelan asked, his voice shaky with worry.

“Remember what? Cae, you’re scaring me.”

I’m scaring you?” he asked, managing to see the humorous side of that.

Zeke sat up. “What happened?” he asked seriously, wiping Caelan’s cheeks with his thumbs, making him realise that he was crying. “My love, what happened?”

Caelan began to tell him the story and by the time he was finished, he was in Zeke’s lap – practically straddling him, his head against his chest. He was comforted greatly by Zeke’s hand sweeping up and down his back slowly.

“They were trying to talk to me,” Zeke whispered, leaning his cheek on top of Caelan’s head.

Caelan didn’t need to ask who they were; that was a part of Zeke’s past they never discussed.

The End

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