Chapter 5.3 (my fave bit :D)Mature

Caelan sighed and sat up. He hadn’t slept all night, not that he’d expected to. Zeke had fallen straight to sleep but he’d been awake for two days practically solid. Cae looked down at the sleeping man beside him.

Zeke had always worked too hard but the past week he’d been working through the night and creating work for himself. Caelan had hardly seen him at all.

He thought it was slightly ironic that his parents and everyone had found out about their relationship when he felt that it was in the most danger of ending; he and Zeke and established a system that worked but something had been getting at Zeke recently, although whenever Caelan tried to ask about it he was simply shrugged off with a simple “I’m fine” and a kiss.

There were times when Zeke didn’t come to bed at night. It was during those times that Caelan prayed to any of the gods he’d been brought up to believe in. He hadn’t prayed since he was a very young boy, with his mother as the two of them asked the powers that be to bring Onyx home safe.

Caelan swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat for a moment before standing, pulling on some pyjama bottoms.

“Where are you going?” Zeke’s voice asked quietly, his beautiful blue eyes half-open.

“Oh, you’re awake,” Caelan responded, sitting back down on the bed.

Caelan laced his fingers through Zeke’s.

“Come here,” Zeke whispered, sitting up.

He complied willingly, crawling over and kneeling beside the one he loved. Zeke just put his arms around his shoulders, pulling him to him.

Caelan returned the gesture worriedly; Zeke only ever wanted hugs like this when something was wrong. The feeling that something was up only increased when he felt the layer of sweat all over his bare skin.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Caelan asked gently.

“It’s alright. I’m okay now. Now I am,” Zeke murmured, burying his face in Cae’s neck. Caelan held him tighter, just sitting. After a minute or two, Zeke sat back though he took Caelan’s hands in his. “Where were you going?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking of getting something to eat. Do you want anything?” Caelan asked automatically.

Even in his anxious state, Zeke’s eyes glittered salaciously. “Not food. Hurry back.”

Caelan couldn’t help his wide grin as he promised to do just that. He shuffled to the edge of the bed and stood, glancing back at Zeke, who was lying back down, as he shut the door as quietly as he could so as not to disturb anyone.

He padded down the corridor and passed through the living room, heading for the kitchen. It was pitch black when he entered, but it was the early hours of the morning after all. He used his familiarity with the kitchen to navigate his way to the fridge. He blinked against the sudden light it threw out as he opened it.

The End

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