Chapter 4.9Mature

She liked the way he spoke; it seemed to bring back memories she’d long lost, but they were just too far away. Every time she tried to make a grab for them, they skittered back, as if they wanted to play a game of Tag. “Yes, that’s true.”

“An interesting choice, if you ask me.”

“Nobody did,” she spat at him.

His lips suddenly became a wide, dazzling grin. “This is why we always got along so well. Not that it matters at this point in time. Da’lela also mentioned that you might be pregnant, but that neither D’nyael or—”

“Who?” she asked.

He looked at her for a few moments, his face blank. “Oh,” he said, realisation dawning on his face. “You would know him as Daniel.”

“Oh, right.”

“Yes, well, neither Daniel or Lucius could tell if you were, indeed, pregnant. Am I correct?”

“Yes.” She opened her mouth to speak, thinking carefully about her next words. “Were you who Isabella and Lucius were talking about?”

His face turned expressionless again, though scarily so this time.

Beth almost took a step back in case he lashed out.

“What were they saying?”

“Lucius said that he knew someone who might know if I was pregnant. He said that whoever it was was on... optional duty, I think he said. He also mentioned someone called Lash, and that whoever it was had to take leave, or something like that.”

“I see. Yes, they were talking about me. And what was dearest Isabella saying?”

“She told Lucius not to tell you until you were back from leave. She said that you needed to travel some sort of Drifts again, and that you’d go to the Covenant on your way back.”

“The Crimson Drifts. I wasn’t planning to travel there until Malgra, but I would have gone to the Covenant as I always do.”

“The others didn’t look very happy when she mentioned the Covenant,” Beth commented, hoping Storm would elaborate.

“To the Brotherhood it’s not good,” he simply said.

The End

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