Chapter 4.4Mature

Zeke sighed. “I love you, Cae.”

“I love you too.”

“Come on, let’s get your dad into the infirmary before I’m especially tempted to leave him on the floor,” Zeke joked. There was even a smile to go with it.

Caelan smiled back and stood up, helping Zeke to his feet. He picked Onyx up, carrying him into the lab which Zeke opened and held the door of.

Zeke looked up at Beth, waiting. She went over, thanking him quietly as she passed. Zeke opened another door that Beth had never noticed with a key from in his pocket.

Caelan passed through it and Beth followed, finding herself in a very white room with hospital beds and equipment all around it, equally spaced out from each other.

“This is the infirmary,” Zeke told her as Caelan lay Onyx down on the bed. “Caelan, get me my things?”

Caelan nodded and walked down to the other end of the room. Zeke grabbed a chair and sat beside Onyx, beginning an examination of him. Caelan then returned with a bag that he handed to Zeke.

“Thank you,” he said, taking out a stethoscope and checking Onyx’s heart rate.

After a few moments he got out a blood pressure cuff and strapped it to Onyx’s upper arm.

The examination continued for about five minutes until Zeke stood and wandered over to a large museum chest with five drawers. He opened one, got something out of it and brought it back, sitting down again.

He opened the sterile package and brought out a hypodermic needle. He straightened Onyx’s arm, easily finding a vein. He slid the needle into his flesh and drew back the plunger slowly until it was full of blood.

Beth thanked God that she wasn’t squeamish about blood.

Zeke placed it back into the package and carefully placed it on the side table.

“He’s fine. Just unconscious.”

“Shall I go and get Aaralyn?” Beth asked, moving to stand.

“I’m already here,” came the voice from the entrance.

Beth turned and Aari was stood there. Aari walked over slowly.

“Eleven years?” she asked quietly, looking at Caelan with sad eyes. He nodded, his eyes locked on Zeke’s.

“I thought this was just...”

“A phase?” Zeke suggested.

“I suppose so.”

“How did it happen?” she asked them.

“I don’t really remember,” Caelan admitted.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because you wouldn’t have been happy. You wanted me to get mated and have children, to carry on the family and keep the estate running. I wanted you to be happy.”

“Oh, Caelan,” she breathed. “You’re more important than I am.”

Caelan opened his mouth to protest but Aari cut him off.

“And you’ll always be my baby boy, no matter what female you were born of,” she said quietly, and Beth could tell that it hurt her to say the words.

The End

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