Chapter 4.2Mature

Beth was sat in the living room, watching TV, with some of the others. Well, the others were watching it; she was staring at it, worried. She glanced up at the clock the eighth time in less than half as many minutes.

Ten minutes ago Caelan had taken Onyx into the corridor for a little chat.

Zeke was still in the lab.

Another minute passed.

Then another.

Five minutes later, a loud clang resonated through the room. It was the sort of noise you’d imagine a metal wall making when a large heavy male body was thrown against it.

Beth jumped up and rushed out into the corridor, adrenaline pounding through her veins.

And sure enough, Zeke was on the floor, the metallic wall still trembling from his body hitting it hard. Onyx was trembling with anger, his eyes scarlet red instead of green.

Zeke stood slowly, his hand on the wall for support.

“How fucking dare you,” Onyx murmured rhetorically.

“I didn’t make him do anything,” Zeke growled.

“No, I’m sure you didn’t, but I know you.”

Something moved in the corner of Beth’s eye. She turned her head to look, but there was nothing there. She looked more closely. The shadows were quivering, weren’t they? Yeah, they were.

But that wasn’t possible. Was it? Now there were shadows where there was no light. That defied all the laws of physics.

She looked back at the scene, focusing on what was going on.

Words had clearly been exchanged because both men were angrier, and that was only escalating. Caelan was trying to get a word into the argument but neither of them would let him talk.

“I don’t care how long this has been going on for, but I want it to stop,” Onyx said quietly, his fists shaking down by his sides.

“Eleven years!” Zeke practically screamed at him. “Caelan and I have been together for the past eleven years!”

That silenced Onyx, didn’t it.

“Since he was fourteen? You and my son—”

“But he’s not your son, is he!” Zeke shouted. Onyx’s face paled at the words. “Didn’t think I knew?”

“Nobody knows about that.”

“Aari’s little boy was stillborn, wasn’t he. And Lillian died giving birth. So you took in her boy and raised him as your own. You switched the children and Aari still doesn’t know.”

“How do you...” he trailed.

“Dr. Wade was the doctor on duty at the time. My father. I saw the paperwork, Onyx. Caelan isn’t your boy. And he’s twenty-five years old now so he can make his own damn decisions about his life.”

Caelan was now staring at the man he’d considered his father for twenty-five years like he was a stranger. Onyx was staring at Zeke with shock in his eyes—which quickly turned into rage.

The End

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