Chapter 3.7Mature

“What’s wrong?” he almost demanded.

“Just go away. We’re having a girl chat.”

“Beth, just let me in.”

Angry and annoyed, Beth got up. She unlocked the door and threw it open in one swift moment, glaring at Onyx as best she could.

He jumped back in surprise as the door was opened but then his expression turned to one of disbelief. Her glare turned into a frown and she looked down at herself.

Oh, okay.

Her whole body was shimmering under a thin layer of flame.

Because that was normal.

Her anger forgotten, she lifted up her hand to look at it. Even Aaralyn got up; dashing the tears from her eyes to see what was going on. Onyx glanced at his mate briefly, his face contorted by guilt and sadness for a split second.

“What the hell?” Beth whispered, looking down at her body.

“Magic,” Aari breathed. “I can feel the heat from here.”

After a few more seconds, the fire disappeared, leaving her and her clothes unharmed.

“What the hell just happened?” Beth asked.

“Your body’s magical reaction to anger,” Aari answered. “That happened to my sister, Nacra, a while ago apparently, when she was a teenager.”

“Don’t tell any of the others about this. Elijah would want to test my abilities,” she muttered.

“Maybe that’s just what you need,” Aari suggested, “but I won’t tell. Not my secret anyway.”

“I won’t either. I, uh, I just came to see if you two were alright. I suppose you are,” he murmured, looking at Aaralyn who wasn’t meeting his eyes.

He sighed slightly and left.

“He cares,” Beth whispered to Aari when he was out of the kitchen and the heavy door had shut behind him.

“And that’s the problem,” she breathed, looking after him.

The End

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