Chapter 3.5Mature

She dressed in a pale blue matching set of underwear, the bra outlined with black lace. She wasn’t sure why she wanted to wear these; she usually only wore underwear like this when she wanted to impress Robert, or... Alex, she thought.

She found herself absently wondering if Alex and Catalin were okay.

She dragged on a pair of sheer tights, sliding into the skirt and shrugging into the blouse, buttoning it up deftly. She slipped a pair of black pumps onto her feet. She smiled at herself in the mirror. She felt pretty. She knew that she didn’t need to, and there was no reason for it but she wanted to feel pretty after so long of feeling empty.

Her smile was quickly replaced by a frown as she realised that she felt... alright. The normality, the drama, the training session with Elijah, being around the people she knew, she felt normal. Her hands fluttered down to her belly. Pregnant... God knew it was possible, but... yeah.

She took a deep breath and reached for the towel, drying her hair roughly with it. When she was finished a couple of minutes later, her hair was soft against her skin and hung messily, but she liked it.

She dropped the towel and the clothes she’d borrowed from Isabella into the washing basket, which she picked up and carried out of the room. She opened the door into the living room, the basket on her hip.

“Where does the washing go?” she asked Aaralyn, who was sat in Onyx’s lap on the sofa, her arms around his neck.

All nine pairs of eyes in the room turning to her – Aaralyn, Onyx, Kalila, Elandra, Jay, Ibby, Liam, Kendal and Lucas.

“Beth looks pretty,” Ellie said.

“Thanks, Ellie,” Beth smiled. “Washing?”

“Uh, the utility room,” Aaralyn stammered, standing. “I’ll show you.”

Onyx kept hold of her hand for as long as possible before his hand fell back onto his leg.

Beth followed Aaralyn, the wash basket hitting the fronts of her thighs as she walked. Aari walked into the kitchen, through the other door – the one that didn’t lead into the dining room, revealing a large utility room that housed several washing machines and not as many dryers, along with lots of cleaning products for floors and kitchens and bathrooms.

“I’ve never felt outdone before,” Aari muttered, glancing over at Beth.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m used to being the prettiest, the one with the most attention, but seeing you like that... I feel outstripped, by a long shot.”

Beth looked down at herself. “Hardly.”

The other female shook her head. “Not ‘hardly’ at all. You really are beautiful, more so than myself. I really do see why Robert chose you over anyone else, even Ibby.”

She frowned. “What do you mean by ‘even Ibby’?”

“She was in love with him for a very long time, since they were both human.”

The End

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