Chapter 3.3Mature

She couldn’t recall whatever she’d been thinking of when she got out after shutting the water off. What was it? Had there been anything at all? Probably not.

She began to shiver as she reached for a towel, wrapping it around herself. The soft towel must have new, as well as the rest of the pile. She was sure there hadn’t been towels when she’d come here with Robert. Had someone known she would be coming? She didn’t doubt it, with all the abilities that vampires had. It was entirely possible.

She slipped her ring back onto her thin finger, judiciously ignoring the way it swivelled around because her flesh wasn’t enough to hold it in place.

She tucked the edge of the towel into the layer she’d wrapped around herself. She took one final look at herself in the mirror, noticing that the towel only reached just below her behind. She shrugged.

“Who’s really going to see?” she muttered to herself.

With this conviction in mind, she opened the door and strode into the room.

And screamed when the light from the bathroom slightly illuminated a huge, looming figure by the bed.

Well, almost screamed; a hand was covering her mouth before she could get much out in the way of an alarm.

“Shush, it’s just me. It’s Caleb,” he said gently at her ear, his body against her back. This didn’t relax her one bit, so she kept fighting.

When he released her, she hissed, “What the fuck are you doing in this room?”

She jerked away from him, spinning around to glare at him—as she made sure the towel stayed exactly where it was supposed to be, but that goes without saying.

He ran a hand back through his hair, reminding her of Robert.

“I... I need to talk to you,” he finally admitted quietly.

“About what? Is it so urgent that it can’t wait until I’m dressed?” she demanded.

“Well, no, but this is the only way I can talk to you on your own. It’s important, please,” he begged.

She looked up at him with narrowed eyes. He seemed sincere that it was important. And he wasn’t using his height to look down the towel she was clutching.

Brownie points for Caleb.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s about Zeke. And Caelan.”

That caught her attention. “What is it?”

Caleb began talking as she grabbed her bag and started pulling out clothes.

“Aaralyn told you about them, didn’t she?” he asked. She nodded and so he continued. “Caelan is going to tell Onyx soon. He’s going to flip at Zeke.”

The End

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