Chapter 3.2Mature

Beth’s unspoken thoughts caused a little bit of awkwardness between everyone, as if the Brothers had been reminded that she was still a female – even if Elijah wanted to label her a warrior – without her mate. And that made her vulnerable to male advances, didn’t it.

“I’m going to get changed before dinner. Thanks for this, Elijah,” she smiled, kissing his cheek.

“Not a problem, anytime. I mean that,” he said with a tight smile.

She nodded and ducked out, past the men that were watching her closely. She rushed down the corridor and into the living room – which was mercifully empty, heading for the bedrooms. As soon as she stepped into Robert’s room, she shut the door and leant against it. She looked at the bed, memories flooding into her mind of what Robert had done to her on that bed when he’d first brought her here.

She shivered as she vividly remembered the sight of Robert with his fangs in her flesh—right at the top of the inside of her thigh. Even the memory of it made her knees quiver.

God... she wished Robert were here with her so badly, even if it were only to relive that. Or, in fact, any moment they’d ever spent together, even for a few minutes...

She sighed, the thought putting out the fire that had been burning wildly deep inside her.

On her way to the en suite bathroom she stripped out of her sweaty clothes, leaving them where they landed on the floor; she could pick them up later but right now all she wanted was a shower.

By the time she was shutting herself into the bathroom she had undressed completely and reached over to turn the shower on to let the water warm. She walked to the full-length mirror mounted on the wall and looked at her whole body, before turning and looking at the back of her. She frowned.

“What the hell...?” she murmured to herself.

There were no bruises on her whatsoever, and considering how many times she’d hit the floor hard...

No, wait... There. There was a bruise. But it seemed to be days, if not a week old. That couldn’t be possible. She’d not been doing anything that would bruise her within the last week, so that must have been today. The yellowness said otherwise, but it had to be.

Yeah, she remembered when Elijah had flipped her and she’d landed right on her hip. And the pain that she’d felt had been exactly where this bruise was.

That was definitely odd.

She sighed and reminded herself to ask Isabella when she returned her clothes.

Removing her engagement ring, she carefully placed it beside the sink. She got into the shower, shying away from the hot water.

As she inched back under it, she let the water rinse her mind as it did her body.

The End

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