Chapter 2.3Mature

Beth didn’t know how to form the question to ask what he meant. All she could do was watch Daniel try to bring Lucius back to consciousness and hold Isabella’s hand throughout the whole thing. She could tell Isabella was fighting tears by the tension in her hands.

When Lucius’ shuddering lessened, Beth sat up a little more. She relaxed completely when he moved a little of his own accord. He mumbled some things, though she couldn’t understand what he was saying. 

“Da’lela,” was the first intelligible thing he said.

The bright flash of light was very similar to the fire when Lucius appeared.

“Lucius!” exclaimed a female voice.

A flash of purple streaked through the air as the woman pushed Daniel out of the way. The woman pulled Lucius’ head into her lap, stroking his hair.

“Oh, my baby,” the woman murmured. “What have you been up to now?”

Lucius let out a weak chuckle, looking up at the girl above him. He spoke to her in a language that Beth didn’t recognise. The woman replied in the same tongue. A small grin spread across Lucius’ lips.

Beth had to look away, recognising the intimacy between the two of them. It made her ache even more for Robert to come back.

Lucius said something else, a short sentence. The woman helped him sit up. Beth looked more closely at the woman. Her hair was long and wavy, and a dark purple like the one that she’d seen while she had been unconscious. It was then that Beth realised she’d been inside Lucius’ mind, looking at his memories. But surely that wasn’t possible... Was it? To look at another’s memories?

“Lucius, what happened?” Daniel asked him.

Lucius looked up, meeting Beth’s eyes squarely. “I don’t know,” he murmured.

“Your tone says you have some idea,” Isabella said, her voice relieved.

Beth looked at Ibby. She knew it must have been awful for her to see her child like that, convulsing, while she could do nothing to help. Beth glanced down at her own stomach. What would she have done if she had been in the same position?

“Yes, but the idea I have does not answer in any way to the original question. It will need further investigation, anyway.”

“I don’t understand,” Beth said quietly.

“Neither do I, if I’m truly honest,” Lucius replied. “I don’t know whether you’re pregnant or not. But I know someone who might.” He shared a quickly look with Isabella.

After a few moments of interpretation, Isabella gently said, “I doubt he would, love.”

The End

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