Chapter 2.2Mature

Opening her eyes slightly, she wanted to see where this warmth was coming from. She immediately saw the bright flames licking up her arms. She glanced up at Lucius. His eyes were closed and his whole body seemed to be coated in the fire, though his clothes didn’t burn. Isabella had moved away and was standing next to Daniel on the other side of the room, her worried expression for her son obvious.

As Beth watched, the fire curled further up her arms without hurting her. She closed her eyes again. Seconds passed and she began to feel as though she was floating out of her body. She swiftly lost all awareness of her surroundings and thoughts, passing out. The last thing she saw was Isabella shooting towards her to stop her fall.



In Beth’s mind, she saw a man with jet black hair and bright blue eyes. All sorts of people passed through her mind like a slideshow of photographs. Everyone she saw was frozen in time. The six that took up the majority of the little slideshow in her mind were the man with blue eyes, Isabella, Jay, a young boy that looked a lot like Jay, a woman with dark purple hair and, finally, Robert. His image tugged at her heart to the point where it felt as though wild horses had pulled it apart.

As the images flew past, they got faster and faster, until they reached a point where it was almost exclusively the blue-eyed man and the purple-haired woman. Beth both longed and dreaded to see Robert again in these pictures.

Something dragged Beth back to reality, back to her body and the little room she was in. She gasped, taking in an audible deep breath. She tried to sit up, but couldn’t, falling back instead.

“No, Beth, don’t. Stay lying down for just a little longer,” came Isabella’s comforting voice.

She felt hands hold her shoulders down.

“Daniel?” Isabella said, worriedly.

“He’s breathing, just,” Daniel replied softly.

Isabella let out a shaky breath.

“This shouldn’t be happening. This didn’t happen last time. The only time this happens is when...” He trailed off, not finishing the sentence.

“Daniel, that’s impossible.”

“I know.”

Beth didn’t know how much time passed but eventually Isabella helped her sit up. She slid her hands under her arms and pulled her into a sitting position.

Beth saw Lucius lying on the floor in an awkward position, trembling. His eyes were closed and his jaw slack. All she could do was stare in horror. The tremors that shook his body seemed brutal.

“This is my fault,” she whispered.

“It’s not, Beth,” Daniel said without looking at her. “This is a... This is an allergic reaction, for want of a better word.”

“To what?”

“The soul of an immortal.”

“But, how...?”

“I don’t know. I intend to ask him. The only mind he touched was yours.”

“I’m not a...”

“Exactly. You would have been aware of your magic abilities long before Robert brought them to the surface.”

The End

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