Chapter 1.9Mature

She kept scrolling, eventually reaching the end and going back to the top of the list. She carried on through the list. She stopped over Isabella’s name and, after a moment, dialled.

She held it to her ear.

“Hello, who is this?” Isabella said on the fourth ring. There was some mumbling in the background. “No, just give me a minute, Li-li.”

“It’s me,” Beth said quietly.

“Beth? One second.” There was some quiet talking, then the sound of a door shutting. “What’s wrong?”

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything,” she murmured.

“No, Liam and I were just going through the evidence room. What’s up?”

“Ibby,” Beth said shakily. “I... I think I’m pregnant.”

There was a short silence. “Why do you think that?”

“I’m two months late on my period,” she whispered.

“The only way to be a hundred percent sure is to get a test.”

“My mum wants me to get an abortion.”

“Impossible. There’s only one thing that can abort vampire children.”

“What’s that?” Beth asked quietly.

“Vampire fingernails.”

“And I guess that the vampire pregnancy test isn’t exactly the same either,” she whispered.

After a moment, Isabella said, “No, it’s not.”

“Tell me.”

“You need one of the Paraa to taste your blood.”

“One of the what?”

“Daniel and Ez are Paraa; guardians and protectors.”

“And they could...?”

“Yeah, they could do this for you.”

“Could you ask Daniel?” Beth whispered.

“Of course. Give me a minute and I’ll come and get you.”

“Thank you, Ibby. I’ll pack a bag.”

“I’ll see you in a moment.”

Beth hung up and sat up, crawling off the bed. She picked up her overnight bag and shoved a few sets of clothes into it. She put the phone in it, leaving her own mobile at home so no one could contact her.

She was sat on the bed with her legs crossed when Isabella turned up. She stood up and Isabella enveloped her in a hug.

“So, pregnant, huh?” Isabella asked as she stepped away.

“It would seem so.”

Ibby smiled and took Beth’s hands. Beth closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she was stood in the long metal corridor of the safe house. She followed Isabella through the door and into the main living room. Some of the mates were sat on the sofas, but none of the Brothers were in sight.

All eyes turned to Beth when she entered. No one really knew what to say.

“Hey, Beth,” Aaralyn said, grinning. There wasn’t a single drop of sympathy in her eyes, which Beth liked.

“Hi,” murmured Aleah and Leena.

Aaralyn scowled at them briefly and smiling again and standing up. Her long, flowing dark red dress was beautiful. Aari walked over and hugged Beth, squeezing her tightly.

“How are you?” Aaralyn asked seriously.

Beth nodded. “I’m okay. Getting along, I guess.”

“When did you last eat?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Beth said truthfully.

Aari smiled sadly and hugged her again.

The End

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