Chapter 1.6Mature

Beth frowned slightly. “What do you mean, I intrigued him?”

“You’re headstrong, kind, caring, and all the other adjectives he listed. The only women he’s ever known have either been weak, or so strong they’re overpowering. You’re neither, and it confused him.

“Daniel’s told me about what Robert said to him after the first time he kissed you,” he said.

“He panicked, started muttering to himself,” Beth whispered, recalling the now distant memory.

“He realised he was in love with you. He’d not felt like that about anyone for a long time.”

“It feels good to talk about him; I thought it would only make it worse,” she said quietly as she realised that her heart was lifting slightly.

“Sometimes it’s better to talk about things than bury them away where they can only poison everything else.” Jay sounded as though he was talking from experience

Beth nodded, her curls bouncing gently. She set the curling iron down and turned it off.

“Did you really mean you’d do anything to get Robert back?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Do you have an idea?” she asked again

“I’ll need to consider it a bit more, but I think I do.”

“Please tell me what it is.”

He was silent for a short while so she turned around to face him.

“I was wondering if we could actually go to the Dimension.”

“Where do I come in there?” she asked, hope blossoming.

“You could come with us. That way we could actually keep you in the loop.”

“Could we do that? Please, Jay, can we do that?”

He thought for a moment. “I’d have to talk to Onyx; he’s assumed temporary control of the Brotherhood while Robert’s not here. Isabella will probably put her foot down and say no.”

“Why would she do that?”

“Because she lived in the Dimension for fifty earth years; that’s about three hundred years in the Dimension. The only reason she got out was because of Lucius.”

“What do you mean?”

“When she approached Evil and said she wanted to leave, not be a demon anymore, he offered her a deal: he would allow her to leave, and renounce what she was, in return for a son. She agreed and when she gave birth to the son, Evil named him Lucius. I hear Lucius has actually been coming to see you regularly.”

 “He’s not actually said anything to me since before Robert went. When he comes here, he just sits with me.”

Jay smiled kindly, nodding. He glanced at his watch and stood up.

“I need to go,” he said, walking over and kissing her cheek.

She smiled. “Give everyone my love.”

He squeezed her hand and nodded before disappearing.

Beth stood up and went to stand in front of her mirror. She took a deep breath. Did she really want to face the world again? Could she handle all the fussing? She took another breath and decided that she had to try at least.

The End

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