Prologue .2Mature

As he pushed her from his mind, he focused on the sound of the bidding.


Well, this was it: sold into eternal servitude—which was a long time when you lived forever. He glanced up at the buyer, and then at the one who had brought him here. She was clapping along with everyone else, but the smile on her face was devious and sickening. She knew exactly what she had sold him into. This was his punishment for what he’d done, for what he’d said.

The guard grabbed him again, turning him around to march him away. The crowd of the upper class eldritch gasped once more as they got an eyeful of the scars on his back. Yes, he’d been an assassin, what did it matter? He knew that they would be wondering how he had come to this. He didn’t want to think about how he’d arrived in these miserable circumstances.  

The guard tightened his grip on the back of his neck, his nails digging into his flesh. He didn’t wince, simply because he didn’t feel it; he was numb, as he had been since all this had started, since she’d brought him here to this hell—his own personal hell. He didn’t know how long had passed, seeing as there was no sun to count the days. He didn’t know how long his love had been alone in a world that he’d turned upside down on her.

He didn’t look around as he was walked down the corridor; he didn’t want to see the evidence of the abuse that had happened to him, was happening to those around him, and would happen to many more. The scent of blood and tears was too strong in his nose for it to be anything else that stained the dirt floors on which countless had died, or killed themselves. The sound of the quivering masses that were to be sold as slaves was too distinct for him to even try to convince himself it was anything else. He didn’t need to see it too, however.

He was directed past all this to the small room where slaves were registered, picked up and freed. Though not so much the latter.

Standing in the room, talking animatedly and excitedly to one of the guards, was his new master—his new owner.

Looking up, he swallowed.

He just wanted to go home.

The End

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