Sorry, guys...Mature

Guys, this is the end. Of this version anyway. I'll be marking this page as the ending.

I will be rewriting Black Silk, and I'm not happy with Red Leather so this will be rewritten too.

In the second go at RL, I'm going to stick the original plot line I had in mind because this is shit now.

With regards to Black Silk, I'm getting rid of Alex if I can; he's just pissing me off so much even though he's not in the series anymore. So hopefully I can try and improve that as well.

I'm not giving up - well, I am but only temporarily - I just won't be continuing this plot. I don't know when I'll be posting the second draft, but I can almost guarantee that it will be better than this one. It's not hard though. It will be a few months, I think, before we see any more of Robert and Beth.

I may be asking you for help with the second draft of Red Leather, but other than that the plot will be a secret (and hopefully not as crap).

Sorry for doing this but I think I have to before I find myself stuck in a corner that I can't get out of.

The End

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