Chapter 19.3Mature

“I’m guessing you want me to sit in the chair,” Beth muttered.


Beth did so, finding it more comfortable that it looked.

“I’m going to make you unconscious, and then I’m going to extract the memories,” Lucius informed her quietly, moving over to another cupboard.

“How?” she whispered.

“It’s an old form of magic. I won’t even need to touch you. What is it precisely that you want to forget?”

“I want to forget that I fell in love with Robert,” Beth said quietly, as much as it hurt her. “I want to forget that there’s a huge part of my heart missing. I want to remember him simply as a friend.”

Lucius nodded slowly. “There’s one flaw in this... You’re pregnant,” he reminded her.

Beth had forgotten this, as difficult as it seemed. She sat silently, unsure of how to correct that little problem.

“We have very well-trained surgeons here...” he trailed. Beth understood what he was getting at: abortion.

Did she really want to abort her child? If it had been her mother – well, the woman she’d thought was her mother for eighteen years – she would say no, straight away. But she knew that Lucius was only interested in protecting her... If she kept the baby, it would mean that the memory wipe... thing wouldn’t work properly; when it came time to giving birth, she wouldn’t remember ever having the chance to get pregnant in the first place.

“You need to decide before I can do this; I won’t have the opportunity to ask you afterwards,” he said gently.

Beth nodded, and dashed away tears that had sprung in her eyes without her realisation. Her mind raced as she thought through all the possibilities and, in the end, she knew that it came down to only two choices: have the operation and live peacefully, or not have it and continue living with an overly-burdened heart. To her the choice was simple.

Beth nodded quickly.

She wanted it done before she could change her mind.

“Then I’ll talk to Storm and we can get it done in the morning,” Lucius said softly.

“Storm?” she asked, genuinely confused.

“He’s our best surgeon. He takes charge of the field hospitals within the next month or so.”

Beth didn’t know why she found it so surprising that Storm was a surgeon. She recalled him arguing with one of the officers about the field hospitals near the battle site.

I know my team, Major Alopare,” he had said, regarding the doctors and nurses that were to be sent to the front.

“Are we ready now then?” Beth asked quietly, impatient to be getting on with this.

“There’s one last thing. I need to mark you, to show that you’ve had memories taken away. Memories of a lover.”

Beth stared at him for a few moments.

“What would that entail?”

“It consists of two lines down the right cheek. They’ll simply look like scars,” he said gently.

The End

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