Chapter 19.1Mature

Beth looked at Lucius silently. Did she want her memories to go? Yes! a large part of her mind screamed at her. She didn’t want to be plagued by thoughts of a man she loved but couldn’t be with.

“You could do that?” she whispered to him.

He nodded. “I can take away all the memories about your love for him, and you can just remember him as a friend. If you wanted.”

“Would I be able to get those memories back?”

He nodded again. “You would,” he told her.

Beth fell silent again. Although most of her brain was screeching at her to do this, there was still a little portion that asked her if she actually wanted to forget it. She did – she thought she did at least. She would still remember Robert, she would still want to get him back, but her heart wouldn’t ache so.

She turned her eyes on Isabella. She could be like her; Ibby was getting on with her life, because there was nothing that could be done for Robert yet.

She opened her lips to speak but no sound came out. She cleared her throat and tried again: “Yes please.” Her eyes met Lucius’ again.

“When?” he asked.

She looked around the room briefly. She wanted to have fun tonight, and she knew she couldn’t do that with thoughts of Robert hanging over her.

“As soon as possible.”


Beth nodded. Yes, right now was good. Lucius smiled gently at her and took her hand, leading her out of the room. Storm caught her eye up on the balcony. He was watching her with Lucius, an indecipherable emotion in his eyes. The intensity of whatever it was made Beth shiver though.

Lucius led her from the hall, back into the large foyer. He pulled her up a few flights of stairs, before they reached an intricately carved door.

A series of pictographs marked the arch of the doorway and the door itself showed four rows of figures – four on the first, three on the second, ten on the third and six on the bottom. The only thing different between the figures was their size; the largest were at the top and the smallest at the bottom. They went down in descending order. They all wore hooded cloaks that shrouded their faces in shadow.

Lucius didn’t notice her piqued interest in the figures. He opened the door carefully, almost reverentially. Beth wondered what lay beyond. He pushed the door wide for her and she entered what seemed to be a large chapel. The arched ceiling was painted to look like the night sky and the room – no, that was an understatement; hall, more like – itself was dark from the lack of light. There weren’t very many windows, only a large stained one at the end of the hall. The little light there was came from the occasional candle that hung from the wall. In the dimness, Beth could only just see to the end of the room where she thought she could make out the outline of an altar.

The End

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