Chapter 17.4Mature

“Do you want to have a look at it?” Beth asked.

Mary shook her head. “Lucius gave it to you, not me.”

“Okay. I... I need to get changed,” she said quietly.

“Are you okay now?” Mary asked.

Beth smiled genuinely. “Yeah, thank you.”

“I’ll leave you to change then. I’ll be downstairs, trying to cheer up Storm no doubt.”

Beth smiled at Mary as she left.

As the door shut, Beth looked over to the suitcase that sat by the dresser. She went over and picked it up, taking it over to the bed and placing it down before opening it.

She pulled out all the dresses and placed them out on the bed. She looked over the carmine red one, the dark green and then the final white one. She reached out to feel the white fabric.

She picked it up and held it in her hands. The softness of the fabric, the beautiful colour, the flared waist and the bustle at the back were all so beautiful. She turned and held the dress against her body.

She smiled and placed it down before taking off the midnight blue dress she was wearing.

Draping it over the back of the chair at the vanity, Beth looked at herself in the mirror. As she was wearing only her underwear she could see all of her skin. She touched her stomach. She could see she wasn’t showing as pregnant yet, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted that to happen or not; seeing her bump every day, every morning and night, she knew it would remind her of Robert. Did she want that? Yes, and no.

She sighed slightly and reached for the white dress. She was very pleased to find that it slid onto her body easily. The white ivory colour contrasted with her tanned skin, and she quite liked the way the skirt wasn’t too wide and it dragged along the floor. She thought it made her look like a woman from an era long past. Then she remembered that she was in the Dimension and this was normal.

Beth laughed a little.

She made sure she looked presentable, fixing her hair a little, before she turned and left the room, glancing to the books on the desk as she did so.

The skirt trailed behind her as she walked down the corridor and down the fancy staircase. She followed the sound of music into the grand hall where they’d eaten that morning. All the tables had disappeared, to be replaced by one long table in the middle of the room. It held all sorts of different types of food in a sort of buffet.

A few people were milling about, though clearly not everyone.

On a sofa on the other side of the room, Evil had his arm around Isabella’s shoulders and she was laughing, looking more relaxed than Beth had ever seen her before.

“We need to keep an eye on them,” said Lucius’ voice beside her.

The End

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