Chapter 15.2Mature

It was almost an hour later—not that she would know that—before she heard any noise whatsoever.

A slight groan sounded from the cell next door, causing Au’ra’s heart to race with joy and excitement.

“Robert!” she exclaimed, shuffling closer to the wall so she could heard any words he managed to choke out.

Another groan and a shuffle.


Nothing. All sound suddenly ceased.

“Robert, are you okay? What happened?”

Again, nothing. She strained her vampiric hearing for any sort of sound, not even hearing the dull heartbeat she would have heard were he alive.

Her hope suddenly dropped, dissipating into the air. In a last ditch attempt to check if he was alright, she reached her arm around the wall that separated their cells.

“Robert?” she asked for one last time.

Five claw-like fingernails sank into her wrist, attempting to drag her towards whatever it was. A manic scream tore from her throat, raising hell further down the quarters.

When the creature realised that it couldn’t get at Au’ra, it released her, growling and howling, throwing itself against the bars of the cell, and all the walls.

Au’ra quickly pulled her arm back, looking at the blood that was dripping readily to the stone floor. She focused on healing the vicious-looking cuts, ignoring whatever the hell it was in the cell next door. Once the wounds had faded to scars, she wiped the blood from her skin using the thin rags she’d been clothed in ever since she’d arrived.

Once the blood was gone, she could see the five thin white lines. They looked like they’d been created by a humanoid with especially long nails. Just like Robert.

But that baying creature could not be Robert. It simply couldn’t be. What had happened upstairs?

A very short time later, the Baron himself was striding down the corridor, stopping outside Robert’s cell and looking in with an expression of great interest and intrigue.

“What did you do to him?” Au’ra asked, trying not to cry.

The Baron didn’t seem to hear her. After several moments, he turned his head to look at her.

“I fixed him.”

The End

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