Chapter 15.1Mature

Au’ra was curled in the corner of her cell, as she had been ever since they’d taken Robert away. She was too busy fretting to focus on her hunger, or her thirst, or her stomach pains that seemed to be getting so much more common with every day that passed. She knew that something was supposed to happen to girls, around her own age, but she’d never been told what and the thought of it scared her so.

She jumped at the sound of the door opening suddenly. A dragging sound worried her even more as the guards made their way down the corridor. She shuffled closer to the bars, wary of what she was going to see.

A strangled sob escaped her lips as she saw Robert’s body being dragged feet first to his cell. One of the guards kicked at her cell bars, trying to frighten her away. She was too horrified to move at any sudden speed and so stayed right where she was, her eyes glued to Robert’s face. The blood that soaked his skin, his chest, his hands, was obviously the blood of a vampire, she could smell it. There was so much of it that he couldn’t possibly have survived.

When he vanished from her sight, as they dragged him into his own cell, Au’ra fell back onto her rear. Robert was her protector in this horrid place, he couldn’t be gone. He was her only friend, and he had a family – a fiancée – out there waiting for him, searching for him. For his girl’s sake, he couldn’t be dead.

She heard the guard’s shut and lock his cell, making her frown slightly in confusion. Why would they bother locking it? It gave her slight hope, but she knew that it couldn’t true.

The guards walked back down the corridor, leaving the slave quarters. One of them grinned at Au’ra horribly. She easily recognised him as the one that had tried to rape her when they’d first brought her to this godforsaken place.

Godforsaken... That was what she believed herself to be, for why would her gods disregard her so? She’d been faithful to them her whole life, ever since she was able to kneel and pray, even before she could comprehend what she was doing. She’d always said her morning prayers, done her best to be kind to others. She’d respected her mother, her father, and even her uncle until he’d turned her and sold her into this life. Why had she been abandoned so?

She contemplated this as she sat, curling up against the wall that joined her cell to Robert’s. She was waiting, she realised, waiting for something. A noise, a shuffle, anything. She just wanted to know he was alive.

The End

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