Chapter 14.2Mature

Beth placed them down on the wood and sat in the dark blue leather armchair. She looked at the three books as she spread them on the table. She definitely wanted to read her mother’s, because she didn’t know anything about her. Nacra’s she was certainly interested in reading, but Robert’s... Well, she wasn’t sure about reading Robert’s. She now knew that he was definitely alive, thanks to the red colour of the binding, and that it could possibly tell her his location, but what if there were things in there that he didn’t want her to know about. She knew that Robert hadn’t told her just how frightening his past was, and she wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted to know.

She took a deep breath, her hands beginning to pick up the book that told of her fiancé’s life. She opened it right at the back, finding the words writing themselves. She stared in amazement for a few moments before flicking back a few pages. The same words kept appearing: ‘beating’, ‘blood’, ‘slave’, ‘guards’, ‘Au’ra’.

“Au’ra,” Beth whispered, finding the word – a name it seemed – on almost every page at which she looked.

She stopped flicking, several pages back. She began to read from the top of the page. Her face grew into a horrified mask as she read on.

I can’t see him. Not really. I can see his shadow. I don’t dare to actually look at him. I don’t listen to the words he exchanges with his dinner guests. The elf had left. He left. He seemed to be an elf; I never saw his face so I don’t know. Blood of Destiny, I’m sure. I can’t help but imagine what’s going to happen now.

I can see the Baron drawing his blade. It may be only little but I know that a short knife can do just as much damage as a sword when wielded in the right hands.

I can see his feet now. He’s so close, and he only gets closer. I can feel my heart beating against my ribs and the feeling is horrible. Fear is an emotion I haven’t felt in so long a time that I cannot truly remember the last time it occurred to me.

I feel his fingers tip my face up so only now can I meet his eyes. I let all my hatred for him show in my glare. His sick grin is the only response I get from him. I just looked at him, seeing him move his blade to my throat out of the corner of my eye. I know what’s going to happen. He’s already confirmed it.

Oh, Beth... I love you. Even if I never see you again, I love you, now and forever.

She couldn’t stop her tears from falling. She wanted to stop reading, but found that her eyes read on anyway.

I can feel the knife against my skin. The amount of times I’ve done this to others... I’ve never imagined just how terrifying it truly is.

The End

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