Chapter 14.1Mature

Beth watched the door shut before turning back to the window. She noticed Daniel outside, walking with a girl. The girl laughed at something he said, looping her arm through his. He smiled at her and they carried on walking.

Beth wasn’t sure what to think, but decided that it wasn’t any of her business. She realised that she hadn’t seen Thorn about, but reminded herself that she’d been out since the morning.

She turned away from the window, moving along the bookcases, looking at the spines. They all seemed to be titled with a name. She stopped abruptly as one in particular caught her attention. She stared at it for a few moments before slowly pulling it from its place. Somehow, the books either side didn't fall into the space.

She opened it at the title page and ran her fingers down it. It read:

The life of Robert di Savoia, blooded son of the Elder Aneska, promised mate of Beth, daughter of Tau’ra, son of Shansi.

She wondered if she should turn the page. According to the title page, this was a record of Robert’s life, and probably his private thoughts. Did she really want to read it? She closed the book and looked at it for a few moments before lowering her hands but holding onto it.

She began to walk again. The books seemed to be arranged in no order whatsoever, though Beth was sure there was something. Suddenly all the spines became a grey colour, whereas they’d been a rich red before. She frowned, wondering why it had changed. She saw her mother’s name amongst the grey books, the gold lettering standing out against the dull background. Her true mother’s name, Fa’lea. She plucked that one out too, holding it with Robert’s. She walked further along, seeing her true father’s name, Tau’ra, written on a grey background as well. Further down she found Shansi, and further still she found E’lla, which were both grey also. It was then that she realised the grey books were the biographies of those who were dead.

She stopped and thought for a moment. She backtracked along the shelf and soon found a red book entitled Nacra. After gazing at it for what seemed like a very long time but probably wasn’t in reality, she placed Robert’s and Fa’lea’s down on the floor and took Nacra’s, whom Beth knew to be her grandmother. She opened it to the title page, to verify that it was in fact the book of her grandmother’s life. It said:

The life of Nacra, daughter of E’lla, mate of D’nyael, and mate of Shansi, who is now deceased.

This was it, though Beth stared at Daniel’s name with interesting. The spelling of it intrigued her as she’d never imagined it to be spelt any other way than the form she knew. She smiled and added it to the pile, picking them up and walking over to the table in the corner of the room.

The End

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