Chapter 13.4Mature

“Storm has told me part of the story.”

“He will not tell you everything. He will only refuse if you ask about his daily visits to Sta Lera. Evil considers Storm to be his first child, and Lucius sees him as an elder brother. He is a part of our world that would be sorely missed, though he fails to see that.” Fate’s voice was filled with sincerity and a resigned sadness.

“You feel for him,” Beth said. It wasn’t a question whatsoever.

“He is a part of my family. Just as you would wish you could help your child.”

Beth felt her hands automatically move to her belly, her arms folding around the growing child inside her.

“I cannot control your future because a higher power has chosen you. I cannot look into their plans for you, or your child. You are in their hands.”

“I thought you were the higher power.”

Fate smiled slightly. “I am simply a pawn, child; the hierarchy of the universe is endless.”

Beth was silent for a while as she considered this.

“What do you know of my parents?” she asked eventually.

“Your parents? Well, Tau’ra was quite a character. Quite frankly, Fa’lea and I never got on. Nacra though... Daniel’s daughter... She was amazing, in all regards.”


“She still is.”

“She’s alive?”

Fate nodded once. “She’s working as a mercenary for the elves at the moment.”

“A mercenary?”

“She’s always had great skill with a blade. As did Tau’ra, actually. And Daniel. Family trait, it would seem. We may need to test your ability.”

“I’m sure that’s not necessary.”

Fate raised an eyebrow. Silently, she went over to the window. After a moment, Beth followed. The two were looking out to the back of the castle. There were quite a few women playing some sort of ball game. They’d traded their dresses for short tank tops and above the knee skirts.

“You see those females?” Fate asked.


“Not one of them wouldn’t be able to handle herself in a fight, and that is because in this world you need to be able to take care of yourself. Just ask Isabella.”

“So I need to learn how to fight?”

“It would be advisable.”

“Who should I ask to teach me?”

“Lucius is a pacifist, Evil would rather talk tactics, Azra has no need for any of this, so that leaves you with Daniel or Storm. If I were you, I would approach Storm.”

Fate turned and started for the door.

“Why Storm?” Beth asked.

Fate continued as if she hadn’t heard, but stopped with her hand on the doorknob. She glanced over her shoulder.

“He takes no prisoners.”

With that, she left.

The End

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