Chapter 12.3Mature

“What happened between Evil and Isabella?” she asked eventually, after most of the worst had passed. It must have been at least half an hour, possibly more.

“Well, when Isabella was first inducted after her death, I could see that Evil was quite taken with her. I didn’t say anything though; I wasn’t sure he was actually aware that he treated her differently to everyone else. After...” He seemed to have to think about something. “After a while, about a hundred years or so, I think. Ibby managed to seduce him, as she does every man. This became a regular event, right up until she left. When she asked him if she could leave, when she said it was because she wasn’t happy here, it broke Evil’s heart though he would never admit it. He loves her still—whether she realises or ever knew I’m not sure.”

Beth remembered a conversation she’d had with Robert once, about Ibby. What was the word he’d used? Then she recalled. “But she’s already Promised to someone else.”

“Ah, yes, Frae’s half-blood, non-inducted son, Jay. Evil found out, through Lexica no less, in the middle of Malgra, which is next week actually. He never attended any of the balls. No one saw him for the whole week. I checked on him every now and then, but I left him to it. His grief is his own, even now.”

“He still loves her?”

“Of course. Destiny told me once that the two of them are—”

“Made for each other,” finished another voice, making Beth jump.

When Storm didn’t panic, she didn’t either. She looked up at the owner of the voice. It was a man dressed in ceremonial robes with the hood down. His eyes were just like Lucius’; pure white. His hair was an unnatural shade of grey, one that seemed to be mixed with a slight purple. He was the most humanoid being Beth had seen around other than Isabella and herself. He was stood behind Storm with his hands behind his back.

“She will realise in time,” he continued.

“Are you sure about that?” Storm asked without turning.

“I am,” he replied.

“Destiny, this is Beth, no doubt you know her somehow. Beth, this is Destiny, lord of... stuff that Fate doesn’t want to do.”

Destiny laughed. “How very true. May I join you?”

Storm gestured to a spot beside him as he took a drag from his cigarette.

As he sat, Destiny said, “You know, it’s a good job you’re too important in the future of the world; you’d be dead from all that if you weren’t.”

Storm laughed once. “Nah, you love me too much.” He offered his cigarette to Destiny, who took it with a thankful nod, taking a toke and passing it back. “Besides, who else would roll your fags for you?”

“Best keep you around a bit longer then.”

Storm grinned, shaking his head.

The End

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