Chapter 10.4Mature

“Now, I have recently been informed that this vampire of the blood of Destiny within him,” the Baron said.

This was news even to Robert’s ears but he let no response show.

“That’s impossible,” said one of the guests.

“No,” said the Baron. “Aneska was made an Elder by Fate and Destiny. It’s well-known that they are fond of her. Why wouldn’t Destiny share his blood with her newly turned heir?”

“Fate wouldn’t allow it, that’s why.”

“But if Fate didn’t know?”


“Why have you brought this up?” asked one of the guests eventually.

“Well, if he does have Destiny’s blood in his veins, surely that means he holds some of his longevity,” the Baron suggested.

Robert now realised where this was going. His heart sank as he heard the confirmation of his thoughts.

“You mean to kill him?” someone asked. The one who had asked about Beth.

“Of course,” replied the Baron cheerily.

“This is sick, Baron. I won’t stand for it.”

“Then leave.”

“I shall.”

Robert saw a figure get up and stride out of the room.

“Anyone else having a brief moment of kindness? No? Good. Let’s get on with it.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Baron?” asked a guest.

“It’ll be quite the parlour trick if it does work, and if it doesn’t, I’m hardly at a loss; he cannot be put to work because he’s too violent.”

“He is a wild animal, Baron. He is not designed for captivity.”

“You want to leave as well?”

There was a pause. “No, I shall stay.”

“Good. On with the show then.”

Robert saw the Baron’s shadow stand and move to him. Now he could see the Baron’s feet approaching him. He remained calm; he couldn’t allow this man to see his fear.

He saw the glint of the short blade as it was drawn. He saw the Baron move ever closer as he crossed the room.

The Baron tipped his face up. Robert saw his sick grin. And he knew that this was his end.

The End

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