Chapter 9.3Mature

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything,” she said, taking the bucket and turning away, dipping the sponge she still held into the water.

“No one here knows about that. Not even Da’lela,” Lucius said eventually.

Beth looked up at him through her lashes. His expression was blank as he looked at her. She turned back to Thail, the Sarmiine, who was trying to rub her large head against Beth as she was being washed.

Beth focused on the way the wet scales glinted in the moonlight instead of looking at Lucius.

“I’m guessing Mother told you,” he said.

Beth nodded without saying a word.

“Do you remember when I taught you how to communicate telepathically?” he asked.


“That church is where Isaac died. Where he was murdered because of me.”

“How old were you?”

“Fifteen. He was six.”

“Who was his father?”

“Jay. She and Robert had made contact while she was still here. She stayed with him once she had left. He introduced her to Jay and they fell in love.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my parents were together, but I just want Mother to be happy, no matter what it takes.”

Beth thought about this in silence as she settled into a rhythm of scrubbing Thail with the sponge.

After a long silence, she said, “Did you ever know my true parents?”

“I never knew Tau’ra, your father, but your mother Fa’lea was an acquaintance. The white Paraa have no place in a world like that which the black Paraa inhabit. War and destruction is against everything they stand for.”

“How long have the two been separated?”

“Since the beginning of time, pretty much. Destiny once told me that after Lexica had been born, he realised that she would need a rival so that she didn’t grow too big-headed. So they created a separate race in their next son.”


He nodded.

Beth continued in silence, thinking about all this.

After a while, a sharp screech rolled across the land. It pierced her ears to the point where she thought her eardrums were going to explode. She dropped the sponge to cover her ears. Though, the sound was gone after a few long moments. A winged creature landed on the top of the large castle before screeching again.

A short whistle had Beth’s head whipping around. Standing by the huge doors was Storm. He was looking at the creature up on the roof. The moment it had heard his call, it leapt off the roof and flew down to him.

The End

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