Chapter 6.5Mature

She stared at her in silence, surprised.


“I’ve not been able to wear them since my pregnancy with Kalila, and that was fourteen years ago. You’re thinner than I am. I’d like you to have these.”

“But...” Beth repeated.

“You just need to pick one to wear.”

“I don’t know,” she said eventually. “Which would fit in more, in the Dimension?”

She turned to Isabella, realising for the first time that Ibby was wearing a dress, if it could be called that. The bodice was simply a corset and almost entirely lace and red satin, while the skirt was jet black satin and had no front, only falling at the back.

“They would all be fine,” Isabella said in response to her question. “It’s up to you.”

Beth looked at the dresses for a while, before deciding on the midnight blue one. She undressed to her underwear and Aaralyn showed her how to put it on and fasten it.

“Where will you be staying while you’re there?” Aari asked Isabella.

“In Altsina,” Ibby replied.

“You might just have a maid to do this for you then, Beth. When Lucius took Jay and me to stay for a little while, I had a maid. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Beth looked at herself in the mirror as Aaralyn fastened the buttons at the back of the dress. She pulled her blonde hair over one shoulder. It curled against her skin, tickling her bare shoulders.

“You are beautiful, you know that?” Aari said, squeezing her arms and meeting her eyes in the mirror.

Isabella had just finished putting the other three dresses into a relatively small suitcase, along with some underwear.

“We need to go,” she said.

Beth nodded, turning to her.

The End

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