Chapter 6.2Mature

She sighed. She knew she should probably get up and talk to Isabella. After yesterday, Isabella was probably a bit upset.

Beth sat up again and looked around the room. She shuffled out of bed. As her bare feet touched the floor, she looked down at herself. She didn’t want to change out of Robert’s clothes; she almost felt as though he was with her when she smelt him on the fabric he had worn. The soft cloth caressed her skin as Robert himself had done so often and she liked the feeling of it.

She left the room still wearing the clothes she’d slept in. She curled her fingers into the sides of the t-shirt and pulled it tighter around her. She opened the door into the living room and looked around, grateful there weren’t many people around. Aaralyn, Thorn and Lucas were sat on the sofas. Lucas had his arm draped over a girl with light blonde hair. The girl was fiddling with the ends of her hair, looking down. Her lean legs were tucked under her as she leant into Lucas.

“Emily?” Beth said, looking at her.

Emily looked up, surprised.

“Oh, hi, Beth. I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” she said. “Where’s Robert?”

Utter silence descended as the words reached everyone’s ears. Beth turned her eyes to Lucas, who was shifting slightly.

“You haven’t told her?” Beth asked, sounding desolately lonely even to her own ears. Lucas shook his head slowly. Beth turned back to Emily. “Robert’s gone. He’s in the Dimension as a slave.” Beth was surprised by how calm she sounded despite the raging storm inside her heart.

Emily gasped. “My God, Beth, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

Beth shook her head. “It’s not your fault.” She noticed that her hands hovered slightly above her stomach, where her growing baby dwelled. “Where’s Isabella?”

“She’s in the practice room, venting her anger about what Lucius said,” Thorn answered.

Beth nodded and turned to leave, before stopping and turning back. “Where is that?” she asked, remembering what had happened last time she’d taken a wrong turning.

Thorn smiled. “I’ll take you.”

Thorn stood and walked over. He opened the door and held it for her. Beth shared a glance with Emily before leaving. She stood in the corridor for a moment while Thorn shut the door. She trailed after him silently. He opened a door close to the other end of the long corridor, near the end that led to the club above.

“Thank you,” she said quietly to him.

He nodded in acknowledgement and pushed the door open for her. She stepped through and he went back to the living room.

Isabella was kickboxing against a dummy across the room. Hands and feet were flying at the dummy from seemingly all angles as Isabella moved with almost inhuman speed. After a few minutes, she stopped for a rest.

The End

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