Chapter 5.1Mature

Robert wasn’t sure how long he’d been in the Dimension. There was a small barred window near the ceiling, which wasn’t much use; the only celestial body in the sky was the blue moon.

He tried to curl into an even tighter ball as he looked around the cell he was locked in. The stone floor was cold and rough, stained with blood. It grated at his skin as he walked and tried to sleep on it. Granted, he was given some hay to use as ‘bedding’ but it was sharp and full of mites.

They only fed him blood once every so often, and even then it wasn’t much. Most of it was lycan blood, mixed with the smallest of vampire blood, meaning it kept him weak but alive. His master wasn’t stupid when it came to risking his life.

Keeping Robert locked in a cell was like having a wild tiger living in your house. Of course, if you limited the damage it could do by taking its claws and pulling out its teeth, the tiger was almost harmless. Almost.

It had been so long since he’d watched his beloved threatened right in front of him. He knew that Rosalyn would have killed her right there and then if he hadn’t interceded. He remembered that moment so clearly... She’d been ready to accept death. He remembered the horror on her face as he told Rosalyn to switch their places.

Robert screwed his eyes shut. He missed her so much that it hurt.

He heard a loud noise from down the corridor and looked up. One of the guards was dragging a young vampire girl by her hair. All she was wearing was a thin nightdress that was dirtied and disgusting, no longer the white it was supposed to be. Her screams echoed all the way down the cells. She was clearly a newling and appeared no older than fifteen, at least.

“Let me go!” the girl screamed in Tan’ganta, the tongue of the Dimension.

The guard picked her up and pushed her against the hard wall. She looked up at him, silenced. Her eyes glittered with tears. She was obviously terrified.

The guard leant forward to whisper something in her ear. The girl let out a terrified sob as the guard began to pull up the hem of her nightdress. The second guard that had come down just laughed.

Robert caught the girl’s eye and their gazes locked. She was silently pleading him to help her.

He picked up a stone and threw it as hard as he could through the bars of his cell at the neck of the guard, which wasn’t much in his weakened state. When it struck though, the guard collapsed, leaving him to be thankful that while his strength had waned, his aim had not.

The girl tried to run, but the second guard grabbed her, shoving her into the cell beside Robert’s and locking it. After he had checked his friend’s status as living or dead, he moved on Robert, glaring viciously.

“Got a lovely beating in store for you,” the guard growled through clenched teeth.

The End

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