Chapter 4.2Mature

“And... what exactly would I need to do there?”

He opened his mouth but Daniel shot in before him.

“They’ll want to convert you,” he said.

“What does that mean?” Beth asked, looking between the two of them.

“It means they’ll want to turn you into one of the Paraa.”

“Who’s they?” she enquired, uncertain of whether she wanted to know.

“My mother and brother. It’s a ceremony that usually occurs on the eighteenth birthday of every Paraa, black or white,” he said, glancing over at Lucius.

“You think...?” Lucius started without finishing.

“I doubt it; Aaralyn and Jay didn’t have to, and only their mother had impure blood. Fa’lea was a half-blood, as was Tau’ra, because of his father. Do you know if Nacra is still alive?”

Lucius nodded. “Last I heard, yeah.”

“See if she’ll talk to you; I was told that she was looking after the child.”

“Why don’t you talk to her?”

Daniel stared at him with a blank look. “You know why, Lucius, don’t be facetious.”

“Sorry,” he replied, sounding genuine. He turned to Beth. “I’ll see about bringing you over. I don’t know how long it’ll take. Two weeks probably, to get a permit. So, no more than three days here, maximum.”

“That long?” she asked, her voice high with incredulity. “And what do you mean, ‘permit’?”

“When you bring someone without an eldritch birth certificate to the Dimension, you need a permit, so the guards will actually let you in. If you manage to get in without the permit, you get executed.”

Beth swallowed, shocked that such a severe punishment was set in place.

Lucius pulled a pocket watch from... somewhere; Beth couldn’t quite see from where it had been pulled. He frowned when he looked at it.

“It’s the middle of the night right now; it’ll have to wait till the morning. I’ll see you soon and I’ll try to keep you informed in the meantime.”

Then the heat in the room began to rise as he prepared to go back to the Dimension. It suddenly dissipated, and Lucius was still standing there.

“Oh, and, Beth? You are pregnant,” he said before disappearing.

Beth just stared at the spot where he’d previously been. This was all too much for her, in one day especially. She had so many questions, for Lucius, for Daniel, for Isabella, for nearly everyone, in fact. Just... not today. She didn’t want any more answers today.

She turned around, leaving Daniel in the kitchen. She passed through the living room, grateful all the mates had moved into the games room. She headed for the door that led to all the bedrooms. She went through, running into Onyx.

“Beth,” he said, surprised. “How are you?”

“Pregnant and apparently a descendant of Daniel,” she murmured, holding back tears.

“Oh, wow...” Onyx said, obviously unsure of what else to say.

“What about you? How are you?” Beth asked. She could hear the vulnerability in her own voice, the frailty in her words.

“Okay, I suppose,” he replied, nodding slowly. “Getting along.”

The End

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