Chapter 1.3Mature

She looked at herself in the mirror, shocked by her appearance. Her hair was matted and greasy, largely resembling a bird nest. A messy one, at that. Her face was shiny and oily, with spots covering her forehead, nose and jaw line, along with the occasional one on her cheeks. Her cheeks had lines on them where her tears had fallen and dried. She did not, in any way, resemble the girl that was so in love just two months ago.

Thirtieth of June, she thought. Inside, it felt like the dead of winter, where nothing grew and little survived the long months.

The mirror started to become misty as the shower grew hotter. She stepped away and peeled her clothes off. They were still the same clothes she’d been wearing when Rosalyn had kidnapped her. She took her ring off and set it on the counter.

She dropped her clothes on the floor and stepped under the shower, not caring that the hot water scalded her skin. She tried to run her fingers through her hair but it was too knotted to do anything with it. She put shampoo on it and reached for her hairbrush, dragging it through the blonde tresses. She didn’t care about the pain; it brought her back to reality, reminding her that she needed to get back her normal routine.

When she could get the hairbrush through easily, she put it down and rinsed the shampoo, before lathering more and washing her hair again.

Once she was satisfied her hair was actually clean, she put some conditioner on. She washed with the conditioner still in. It took a lot of soap to get all the grime off but when it was gone, and her hair was rinsed, she actually felt clean.

She turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around herself. She glanced in the mirror, looking much like her old self. She slid her engagement ring back onto her finger. She picked up the clothes she’d worn for so long and the stench hit her. How had anyone been able to be near her, let alone hug her? They stank of sweat, mainly. She simply dropped them into the bin, not even bothering to wash them.

She dried herself slowly, letting her mind go blank. She dressed in her favourite jeans and a red t-shirt. She sat at her dresser and dried her hair carefully with the dryer. When it was dry, she got her curling iron out and set to work on her hair.

Halfway through, she glanced at something in the mirror. Jay was sat on the other side of the room, a bemused expression on his face.

“How long have you been there?” Beth asked him.

His eyes widened slightly in surprise. “Not long, five minutes maybe. When did you start speaking again?” he asked. So that was the cause of his surprise.

“This morning. Isabella came by with news that you and Daniel might be on to something, it just gave me something to be a bit happier about. Despite the fact he’s been there a year. When was anyone actually going to mention that little bit of information?”

“Onyx and I wanted to, but Isabella and Mark told us not to. It might have made you even more upset.”

She set the curling iron down and turned around to face him.

The End

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