Chapter 1.2Mature

Beth nodded. “What...” she started, her voice rough and hoarse from lack of use. Isabella’s eyes widened in surprise but she remained patiently silent. “What date is it?” she managed after much throat-clearing.

“Thirtieth of June. Saturday.”

“I think I need to get out of the house for a bit,” she said flatly. “How is everyone?”

“Sad, lost, lonely, in despair; we all miss him, Beth. We all want him back,” Isabella said, ending in a whisper, the pain in her eyes showing the truth in her words.

Beth nodded slowly.

“Lucius tells me that he's been coming to see you,” Isabella said quietly.

“He has. He never tries to get me to talk; he just sits there without a word,” Beth said, her voice still slightly hoarse.

“He's very good with situations like this, seeing as he's been in a similar position.”

“What happened?” Beth asked, a tone of curiosity soaking into her voice.

“His younger brother was killed by Reapers, a group of demon hunters. Isaac wasn't even a demon, and Lucius blames himself; I'd told him to keep an eye on his brother and he got distracted.”

“I know how he feels,” Beth murmured, wrapping her arms around herself.

“Oh, Beth,” Isabella said, getting up and coming around to hug her. “It wasn’t your fault. It could never be your fault.”

Beth simply shrugged. She leant against Isabella slightly, the smell of leather – for some reason – comforting her.

“I wouldn’t hug me if I were you,” Beth said, sniffing slightly.

“And why is that?” Isabella asked dryly.

“I haven’t had a shower for two months.”

“Doesn’t matter to me; when I was younger the house I lived in reeked of sweat, blood, and general filth.” She squeezed slightly to emphasise her point that she didn’t care. “I need to go, but I’ll come and check on you in a couple of days,” she said, moving away.

“Okay. Thank you,” she murmured.

Isabella reached out and squeezed Beth’s hand before turning and leaving, her heels rhythmically hitting the linoleum.

Beth listened to the mumbling sound of Jack saying something to Isabella. The words were indecipherable but Isabella chuckled quietly. The front door opened and shut again.

She looked up at the clock. It wasn’t even midday yet. Every day had dragged past like this.

Beth felt a sudden urge to talk to Lucius, actually talk to him. Her mind was full of questions and things she just needed to say but he never came until the sun went down. Ever.

She went upstairs and went into her bedroom. She sat on the bed and looked around the room. Her eyes landed on the door to the en suite. She got up and went in. Locking the door behind her, she turned the shower on.

The End

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