Following a chemical and nuclear war, a new species has risen from the ashes, the Homo Heana, who think of themselves as superior to the regular human. Seven Hean assassins (based on fairytale characters) are sent after the seven human princes to end the Homo Sapien rule. Let the battle commence...

It is not hard to kill a man. To slip a knife in between their ribs and feel the life bleeding out onto your hands. The assassin's blade slipped silently between the lord's ribs, feeling the life leave him as his blood began to run like veins over the marble floor of his father's palace. One down. Underneath her scarlet hood, a smile appeared on the assassin's face as she wiped the knife on her cloak and returned it to the sheath hanging from her belt. With the pointed toe of one of her knee-length black leather boots, she rolled the body onto it's front, hiding the knife-wound, before stepping over it, her heels clicking slightly as she marched back along the marble hallway, pulling on her black velvet gloves while swiftly disappearing into the shadows. By the time the Lord's guards found the body of their heir, the woman with the red cloak would be far away, moving onto her next target; leaving nothing but her victim and the faint smell of wolfsbane as a sign that she was ever there.

The End

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