Red Fox

  The adventures of a redheaded teenaged girl, I'm thinking, may seem quite dull to you ---

  Hey! I'm talking to you. Yes YOU, sitting right there. No, not the person in the other room or the weatherman on the T.V. dressed in some god forsaken yellow raincoat and having too much resemblance to a duck. I'm talking to you, right there, with your buttocks planted firmly in your seat and your eyes reading my every wo-

  See! I caught you didn't I?? Ha.

  Alright, so, now that I have your attention, lets begin. You see, this is not a story of some angst ridden adolescent with flaming red hair and an acne problem.

  No, it's actually quite the contrary. In fact, there is no redheaded teenaged girl, but rather, an imposter.

  Oh! Sorry, I think I seem to be losing you. I guess I'll have to start all the way back at the beginning. Well, here goes:

Two months earlier

   The warm summer wing blew a scattering of decrepit leaves across the main highway through the town. This highway had long needed repair, and the multitude of potholes proved for a very bumpy ride.

  Running parallel to the river with its low lying summer waters, the dilapidated highway had been deserted since the end of the school year, and as the carloads of families left to find a desperate solace in the form of a summer vacation, the crumbling potholes called a silent farwell. The potholes, the road in which they thrived, the whispering remenants of the once overflowing river, and the whole of the inanimate town knew that the families' return would not be the same.

   This disillusion of cheery summer adventures that filled the air as the school children and their families fled their confines had quickly been deflated. The remaining people of the town, spinsters, old man Joe, the owner of the general store and his wife Eleanor had felt the bad omen that ruined the joy in the receeding laughter and cries of 'freedom!' that reverberated off the streamlined metal of the distant vehicles.

  Little did the townsfolk know, this omen was not a regular spiritual phenomena bringing dread and angst to the town. Unlike its counterparts, this omen had a corporeal form. The people left in the town did not see the black tipped ears and long, bushy red tail of the Red Fox as it quietly lurked in the dark corners of the outlying buildings.

  They did not know either that imminent danger followed in the Red Fox's wake.

The End

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