A New FriendMature

 Darkness whispered and shifted around her, but to her confusion the low bass suddenly vanished. Now ever more curious, she climbed fully into the attic, looking around for whatever could have been making the noise that drew her from sleep. She took two steps away from the trap door before it slammed shut, causing her to jump in confusion and drop her candle. Fear kicked her into overdrive as she raced for her candle, grabbing it and holding it back up to her face. To her relief, the flame did not get snuffed out from the fall. 

 She stood up again, her hands shaking with fear as she held the candle near her face. What could have slammed the door behind her? How could it have slammed? Thoughts rushed through her head as she began to back away from the shifting shadows around the trap door, her ankles bumping into something hard. She turned around, bringing her candle lower to the ground. There, a black chest sat at an odd angle, its lock intricate-looking. Curiosity suddenly wiped away her fear, causing her to bend down and inspect the chest. She had never seen it before, and she had been in the attic many times before. She placed her candle on the ground next to the chest, bringing her finger slowly toward the lock. 

 As suddenly as she touched the lock, a sharp, stinging pain shot from the tip of her finger and she recoiled back, gasping. When she inspected her finger, a bead of red blood oozed forth. Confused, the girl looked back at the chest as she heard mechanisms within it click and shift, the lid flinging open. With ever more curiosity, the girl looked inside. A scarlet red cloak sat within the chest, its fabric pristine and beautiful as if it had just been crafted. The box was in far worse condition. The instant the girl touched the fabric, however, a strong urge came over her. She couldn't control her hands as they grasped the cloak, placing it around her body and securing the hood over her head. Somehow, it felt good to wear the cloak, and for some reason that she couldn't fathom, she didn't want to take it off. 

The End

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