Curiosity KillsMature

This is mainly just a quick short-story to get a feel for a character I created. I like the idea of her and her abilities as well as her back story, so this little story will serve as sufficient history on her.

 It was the dead of night when she awoke, moonlight streaming in from her window to form a four-square pattern on the floor. Her room was rather large for a girl her age, but that was one of the perks of the upper class. Her bed was soft and warm, sheets made of the finest materials and crafted to perfection. Her bed frame was too made to perfection, a canopy forming above to allow for curtains of fine red shades. It was cold in her room despite the sophisticated design, her toes nearly numb even beneath her thick blanket. 

 She wasn't sure what had awoken her, but the drive of curiosity brought her too her feet. When they met with the cold wood floors she cringed; her house had never been so cold, and especially not in the early weeks of fall. The little, blonde-haired girl shivered, rubbing her hands on her arms and breathing out a cloud of white. She thought to herself that it was strange how dark it seemed in her room, in addition to the strange cold. But she had never been afraid of the dark, even at younger ages. So she reached for a candle sitting on an endtable next to her bed, using the nearby tinderbox to catch the wick with bright orange flame. It illuminated her soft features: rounded cheeks, slightly pronounced chin, pale skin, innocent blue eyes. 

 Her golden hair was at shoulder length and bounced slightly as she made her unsteady steps to her chamber door. Still groggy from sleep, the girl pushed open her heavy door, meeting darkness that stretched down a long hallway, broken only at certain points by moonshine from windows. That hallway stretched directly ahead of her, and to her left another, shorter hall lead to a window at the end. To her right, an identical hallway lead to a window. Between each window, pitch-blackness crawled and shifted with malevolence, though she was not phased. 

 Pushing forward with more curiosity than fear, the girl followed a low hum. The hum came in the form of low bass resonating through the house; it was just withing the human range of hearing. It hummed, like a bee, as if calling to her. She, against every warning she had ever received about curiosity, followed its beckoning call. It lead her down the longest hallway, the shadows shifting around her like ink as she parted through them with her candle. Eventually, she came to a staircase on her left and turned into it, finding that the sound that so called her intensified. She carefully climbed the steps, feeling the resonating bass in her chest. As she reached the top of the steps, she noticed something off. The attic door one the ceiling hung open, the sliding ladder already down as if someone had recently used it and forgot to close it. 

 She found that curious but still was not phased. She approached the ladder, climbing up carefully with one hand while holding her candle in her other hand. The resonating sound growled from within the attic now, so clear that she could swear there was an insect buzzing in each of her ears. Poking her head into the darkness above, she looked around, holding her candle up high. 

The End

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