Red DarknessMature

I am enclosed in darkness, and there I find my salvation.
I love this absence of light, this redish haze of surreal time of day.
Is it still morning, or closing on dusk?
It does not matter, for I have found the epitome of comfort, and I will always remember it.
The smell is intoxicating, and I suspect ever-changing, yet one I will unknowingly search for in days and weeks, perhaps years to come.
The depths of the darkness beckon me to stay, forever.
The softness, the strength, the very parameters of which I had often imagined.
Who needs life when there is this beautiful stillness, this peace, which resides in the darkness I treasure and long for?
A stillness full of energy and unknown mysteries.
Of pleasure and unspoken emotion.
Of fear and spoken regrets.
The redish haze is part of my mind’s eye; a vision stamped onto every sight, every thought, every consideration.
When will this darkness enfold me again?

The End

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