Red Carnations: An Ian MacKenzie Mystery

One by one, the groomsmen in the mayor's wedding party are murdered. It falls to the former police detective, now parish priest, Ian MacKenzie to unravel the mystery and in the process salvage his own reputation.

"My dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. He has already consecrated you in baptism and now he enriches and strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity. And so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to state your intentions."

With these words, Father Ian MacKenzie, commenced the work of the day, the marriage of the Mayor Kevin McBride to the  well-bred and well-educated, former Miss Massachusetts, Linda Fiori.  

The good Father was already in a nervous sweat by the time the ten bridesmaids had strolled into their places.   The church full of dignitaries and well-heeled campaign contributors made him nervous.  The television cameras and the mob of reporters put him on edge.  But the real reason for the sweaty palms was that this was not only his first big wedding since coming to Holy Cross Cathedral, it was his first wedding, period.

And all because God in His omnipotent mischief had predestined the future mayor of old Boston to be his roommate in college.  God was always messing with Ian MacKenzie in ways just like that.  Always had and it would appear, always would.




The End

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