The HuntMature

"The hunt, Father?"
"For the wolf. That silly Peter boy has got us running again," he muttered.  Red frowned. Peter was her friend, and if this was another false alarm, she knew that her father would order him to the Dark Forest.  Just this once, she wished that her father wasn't the town elder.   "May I go with you, Father?" she asked innocently. 

"My dear, this is a man's hunt, not a woman's.  I will be safe, I assure you."  He turned to leave.  Red's mother caught his arm and whispered something in his ear. He turned pale and hurriedly left the house, his bow and arrow in hand.  As if nothing happened, Red's mother continued sewing calmly. 


Peter ran toward the house.  It was punishment enough that he had been sent to the Hill. He could not afford it if he and his grandmother were sent to the Dark Forest.  Everyone knew dark magic lurked there.  He was sure though, this time.  If it turned out to be those dratted boys, he would simply have to bear the consequences.  But the wolf...

Everyone knew that the wolf was the Hunter, not the Hunted.  The wolf had been sending tragedy for nearly a year.  By now, the poor townspeople knew to never go out at night, especially on a full moon night.  He saw the torches and heard the chanting.  He continued running.

The End

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