WHO Issues Red Alert For Dangerous Virus

Red Alert, Deadly Virus, WMASP. Dangerous Organism Poses Continuing Threat to World Health. In 2014 the World Health Organization drafted a Red Alert for a virus more deadly than Ebola, WMASPV, White Male Anglo Saxon Protestant Virus.

Red Alert, Deadly Virus, WMASP.  Dangerous Organism Poses Continuing Threat to World Health.  In 2014 the World Health Organization drafted a Red Alert for a virus more deadly than Ebola, WMASPV, White Male Anglo Saxon Protestant Virus.  The symptoms of those infected are propensity to violence and war, often cloaked in xenophobia and ideologies of racism and sexism, and exaggerated feelings of privilege.    The virus infects mostly males in areas of the world where privilege and power are most entrenched.  Research has determined that the virus induces an elevated level of testosterone, a stifling of cognitive rationality, a curtailment of moral judgment to distinguish right from wrong, and unrestrained greed.  Some women of the privileged classes also become infected by intimate relations with the male species of their class.  WMASPV is thought to have originated in Western Europe centuries ago and transmitted through the centuries like the plague.  But there may have antecedents in the Roman Empire and other violent episodes in antiquity.  For several centuries WMASPV wreaked havoc through violent colonization of the non-Western world, spreading racist manifestations like the White Man´s Burden and enslaving millions of Africans to work their colonial plantations.  In the twentieth century a particular virulent outbreak occurred in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.  Competition for control of Empire went together with racism, xenophobia, glorification of the Master Race and the Omnipotent State.  Millions were annihilated in Death Camps.  Twenty million Russians died trying to fend off WMASPV.  Through early colonization by the heavily infected British colonialists WMASPV became established in North America, where today it is the most entrenched and vicious in its manifestations.  Today the American variant of WMASPV is engaged in a violent struggle with a mutant of the virus, MMFV, Male Muslim Fanaticism Virus, endogenous to the Middle Eastern sector of the world, with African variants.  It is hypothesized that MMFV first developed as a resistant antibody, then to be mutated into a rival organism.  The struggle of viruses is curious.  Those infected with MMFV are truly anachronistic in orientation to a secular world. The rivalry centers on control of petroleum, which the WMASPV controlled world economy consumes voraciously.  In this war of the viruses, WMASPV has much superior means of causing grave harm, whereas the retaliatory means of the MMFV infected are mainly confined to attacks that miss their enemy and kill many innocents, while fueling the oil and imperial fires of WMASPV.  Only the most determined and firm measures will succeed in eventual control of these most dangerous organisms. 

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