A raging vampire is on the loose, no one is safe. He wants a recruit... And will wait for years untill he gets one.
Dave, is next in line to inherit his dead father's fortune, and a love for anything supernatural.

The Recruit

Chapter One


"Dave, honey. We have something to tell you." my mother calls from the living room.

"What is it?" I reply

"Just get down here!"


As I gets to the dining room, I could tell something was wrong. A policeman was standing next to my mother, supposedly consoling her. The policeman approaches me with a calm and sullen expression.

"Your stepfather... He has been found." He says.

I know I should’ve reacted, but I didn’t. I never got along well with him. He was alcoholic, foul mouthed brute. On several occasions he had hit me, and my mother. Why should I mourn someone like that!?


“The graveyard.”


“Loss of blood.”

“Shame it wasn’t a noose around the neck.” I mutter



“Go to your room.”


“Just do it!” My mother screams, I have clearly made her angry.

In school, I get pulled out of Maths,

“Dave Malley. Come with me for a moment. We need to talk.”

“Everyone wants to talk lately.” I mutter

So I follow him, and I’m being followed with sympathetic glances. When we get to the office he closes the door behind us.

“I have no idea what you must be going through.” He says in a quiet tone.

“No, no you don’t.” I snap

“I grew up without a father, you know. Its not as bad as it sounds.”

“I grew up without him anyway.”

“Now you don’t need to be like that.”

“Look, I need to go. I am missing a revision lesson.”

“Remember, if you want a talk. My door is open.”

In school I don’t really havefriends, I just have a friend called Jess or ‘Poodle’. I’ve known Jess all of my life, we were even born in the same hospital! But we also have the same bully, Don.

“Lunch money.” Demands Don

“Go away.”

“Just because your father is dead doesn’t mean you get any special treatment from me.”

“Go away!” I repeat, this time loud enough for Jess to hear. She approaches

“Bugger off, all a’ ya‘!”

“Why isn’t it Poodle!”

“Why isn’t it Dumb and Dumber” She says, gesturing to his girlfriend Martha. “Just sod off!”

“Fine. I’ll leave you twoalone.”

“Go to hell creeper.” She leers.

The final bell of the day rings

‘time to get out of this hell-hole.’

When I got home, my mother was still sitting in the seat she was sitting earlier today. Her face pale and taut. Her eyes red.

“Mum, are you okay?”

“What do you think?” she whispers “we are in debt, Dave, debt. We owe money to some very bad people.”

“Like who?”

“You are too young too be concerned with this.”

“Am I? If this carries on. We are homeless! Tell me!”

“I can‘t! You wouldn‘t understand.”

“Try me.” I continue “I found out myrealDad got framed for a crime he didn’t commit.”

“Yourrealfather was liar.” She spat out with enough venom to kill a man. “He owed money to some bad people as well, we got out of that fine.” she hands me a twenty pound note. “Go to town and buy something nice for yourself, you’ve had a rough time.”

I fold it and put it in my wallet, and look at the only thing left of my real father: a photograph. Where I live there is a small high street with various shops. I have a little list of places to go in my head:




Anywhere but here.

HMV is my favourite place, loud music, video games and Cds. I always go to the same shelf; Rock/Alternative. I have never understood why the pop music was so close to the rock music. Only a few artists catch my eye, normally stuff like Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria. A store assistant begins approaching me with a long stride.

“Can I help you?” He asks, his voice shrill and very annoying.

“Um yeah, just wondering. Where do you keep the Black Veil Brides cds?”

“Black Veil Brides?”


“What genre?”

“Rock, maybe Metal.”

“Why are you in the pop section then?”

“Turn around.” I demand, starting to get agitated.

“Oh okay then,” he quickly scans the shelves with an eagle like speed. “nah, don‘t have it in, Motionless in White, I’ve heard they’re quite good.”

“Nah, it‘s alright.”

“Okay, would you like to order it.”

“Yes please.” He leads me to the counter and hands me a clipboard with a very messy spreadsheet. “just write down the artist, album and genre. When you‘re done hand it to Amadeus.” Once I’ve finished I hand it to tall man with long, black hair and a Suicide Silence t-shirt.

“Amadeus, cool name.”

“Yeah after the composer. I wanna change it to Kurt, y‘know after the Nirvana bloke who busted a cap in his head.”



“Hey, have I met you before?”

“No, but people do say I look like Danny Worsnop in this early days.”

“Nah, I don‘t see it.”

“Oh, well. Come again.”

“Actually I will buy the new Motionless in White cd.”

“Alright. Ten quid then.” I hand him the twenty pound note I had received earlier. He hands me my receipt and change and I stuff it into my wallet. I am sure I have seen him before. I’m certain. I take the receipt from my wallet to examine it. As usual I look at the photo of my father. The man in the photo wore the smug grin of Amadeus, the cashier.


The End

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