Zara: The GirlMature

Zara moved stealthily through the shafts; as silent as the dark itself. She checked each vent as she passed; searching for a glimpse of the girl. Molly. That was what Warren had called her. Zara cringed as she thought of Warren. How had she let that vile mess defile her? Not only once, but twice. She already knew the answer. To annoy Ezra. He had angered her, so she had betrayed him.

Turning a corner, she looked down through the vent. She saw a room full of children sitting in a circle; paying avid attention to the woman who was reading to them. Zara passed by but then paused. She returned and glanced through the vent. It was the girl. She could see some of the mechanics Warren had spoken of. This was Molly.

Zara listened. It sounded as if she were teaching the children to read. Molly was soft spoken and gentle; she didn’t appear to pose any threat. Zara stayed and listened to the tale.

Some ten minutes later; a call came from down the hall. The children disappeared; yelling and excited. Molly smiled and went to put the book back on the shelf. Zara dropped quietly into the room behind her. Molly turned and jumped.

“W-who are you?”

“My name is Zara” Zara said. “Zara de Luca”.

“What are you doing here?”

“Warren employed my brother and I to find you and kill you. He wants the inheritance”. Zara saw a glimmer of fear in the girl’s posture. She backed away. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you. You are innocent. We don’t kill innocents. My brother appears to have lost sight of that; his greed for our share of the money is clouding his judgement. But do not fear; I will not let him kill you”.

“Oh thank you” Molly said. The girl wrapped Zara in a hug. She didn’t know how to react; so she stood there awkwardly for a moment. She had only ever found herself in men’s arms; being handled roughly or groped as they had their way with her. She had never been hugged before. Zara wrapped her own arms around the mechanical girl and felt a tear come to her eye. Was this what compassion felt like? She gently prised the girl off of herself and moved back toward the vent.

“I’m going to go and tell my brother that we are leaving” she said, looking back. “You don’t need to worry about us anymore”. She smiled sadly, and leaped up into the vent.

In minutes she was back with Ezra. He was crouched over their supplies; but looked up as she entered, drinking in her body. “We have to leave” Zara said.

“What?” Ezra’s expression changed in an instant.                              

“We have to leave”.

“We have not done our job”.

“She is innocent! She is nice! She is kind! She teaches the children!”

“We were paid to kill her, so we will kill her”.

“No, brother, we won’t”.

“Don’t make me hurt you sister”.

“You know you can’t hurt me anymore”.



“Are you going to co-operate?”


“Then this is goodbye”. He hit a panel on the wall. “I found this earlier”. He grabbed onto one of the walls and held tight. Zara felt a breeze tug at her, and then she was on the floor.

“What’s happening?”

“Access chute. It leads outside. I’m ejecting you”. Zara looked at her brother’s face; devoid of emotion. “Farewell sister”. Zara couldn’t resist the pull any longer. She flew down through the hatch; managing to grab her own bag as she went. In thirty seconds she was outside of the ship as it continued its flight, and she was falling; plunging down toward the sea below.

The End

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