Ezra: Hidden BaseMature

Blood fountained from the flesh of the pirate’s neck as Ezra pulled his blade from it. He kicked the limp body aside and stabbed the blade through the chest of another man; and then used his boot to prise the corpse from the blade. Zara flitted around in the corner of his vision; dispatching each man who came into contact with her blade. Ezra went to her and grabbed her arm.

“We need to find a hiding place below; somewhere we can lay low where they won’t find us”. She nodded. Ezra took the lead. He ran to the stairs; Zara close behind. As they began to descend, she turned and blew a kiss back toward the dying pirates, and then followed Ezra. They quickly descended two floors; eliminating anyone who tried to stop them.

When they were in an empty corridor, Ezra stopped. He looked up; there was a ventilation shaft above them. Pointing upwards; he directed Zara’s gaze to it. She took a running leap and grabbed hold of the grate, and then used her momentum to push it up and open it. Zara slid into the shaft and reached down; pulling Ezra up into the tight space with her.

Zara made sure she was pressed up against him as they fit the grate back into place; ensuring he could feel her through the tight leather she wore. Ezra secured the grate and began to crawl away from his sister. He crawled for five minutes with her following him until the vent opened into a large area where numerous vents connected.

“Let’s make this our base. They won’t find us here, and we can observe them for a few days; learn their patterns”.

“We’ll have to be quiet though!” Zara complained. “Otherwise they’ll hear us”.

“And I know how hard it is for you to be quiet all the time sister, we both know you like to be very vocal. But if you give our position away, then we fail our mission”. Zara pouted; staring at him with pursed lips and crossed arms. Then she nodded.

“I’ll be quiet brother”.

“Good. Now go find where they are keeping the girl”. Zara began to crawl to another of the tunnels but Ezra stopped her. “And do not engage them. Just come back when you find her”.

“Of course brother”. She blew him a kiss and went. Ezra stared after her; admiring her rear through the tight leather. He shook his head. There was no time for that. He took out his blade and began to sharpen it; listening out for the patrols below.

The End

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